If you are like me and you put off planning for all important holidays, you probably don’t have your Halloween costume yet. Just a friendly reminder: Halloween is basically tomorrow and you have nothing to wear. Lucky for you, your best friend/partner in crime (me), is here to save the day. So here it goes, 10 last minute Halloween costumes that will make people respect u n think ur cool and very swaggy.

1) Zenon

Literally just wear all pink with a blue vest and skirt. Throw in pigtails and something holographic and you’ve nailed it.


Zenon Halloween

2) Michelle Nun

If you want to go political this halloween, just wear a nun costume and glasses and wear a campaign button. Are you ready for Michelle?


3) Blue Ivy


 Just print this out and tape it to your shirt.


4) Literally Any Disney Villain

Just wear scary makeup and a cape.

5) The Walking Deadhead

Buy Grateful Dead T-shirt at Goodwill. Do zombie makeup.

6) A Dumb Bitch

Paint your nose black. Wear dog ears. Staple a failing test to your shirt.

7) Margot Tenenbaum

This one is actually cool.



8) A Spoiler Alert

Write a spoiler of a movie on a five dollar t-shirt and wear a red jacket and hat and say that you’re a spoiler alert and flash people trenchcoat style.

9) Johnny from the Shining

Buy a piece of poster board and rip a hole in the middle. Put it around your head and smile maniacally.

10) A Boy Brought to the Yard By A Milkshake

Dress in mens’ clothing. Carry a Milkshake. Say that the milkshake brought you to the yard. Tape some grass to your shirt for added swagger.

Do you have any better ideas? I sure hope so….

xo Miranda

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