Alright I hear what you’re saying – Miranda you do this like literally every year, what gives? Well, friend, here’s the thing: the spirit of fall is within me, around me, and in supreme control of my soul, actions, and apparently, ears. I can’t help it. It’s that weird changey feeling – the air is crisp, and there are pumpkins and like cinnamon and suddenly dirt doesn’t seem that bad you know?

Anyway here are ten songs you really need to get your ears all wrapped around because they’re cool and weird or basic and poppy but either way what pleases my ears may in fact please your ears as well? Apparently run-on sentences are my thing now, great!

Desiigner – “Tiimmy Turner”


We weren’t sure if Desiigner would ever drop something better than “Panda,” and I guess he hasn’t really, but this is pretty damn close. It’s just one of those songs you can get down to in the car. On the song’s meaning, Desiigner himself says “the concept of “Tiimmy Turner” is about me, Desiigner, two i’s you know what I’m sayin. I was describing myself and putting myself as a character, Tiimmy Turner—you know Fairly Odd Parents, he’s got the god parents, he makes wishes and all that, you feel me.” So I’m not exactly sure what that means but are we ever really sure what Desiigner is saying? All I know is Kanye just dropped a remix of it so I’m here for that.


Axl Rich feat. Bryson Tiller – “Another”


This is a bop that brings me back to the Chris Brown glory days (before he tarnished his reputation multiple times for multiple idiotic and gross reasons). Obviously we all love Bryson Tiller, since he gives us Drake-level heartbreak tunes, but Axl Rich is a newer one on the scene and definitely one to watch coming into fall.





Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux feat. Becky G – “Wild Mustang”


Okay here’s the mindless pop song you’ve been waiting for. We all know (or maybe we don’t) that I am the number one fan of Becky G‘s “Shower” because it’s such a damn catchy song, but I might be even more of a fan of this one. DJ duo Yellow Claw and artist Cesqeaux came together to make this incredibly predictable but fun song that I’ve had on repeat in the shower for at least the last week.





Frank Ocean – “Pink + White”


I had to include a song from Blonde, Ocean’s long-awaited sophomore album. This is my favorite track from the record – it’s got such a standard Frank sound. From the minor melodies and moderate tempo to the production from Pharrell Williams and the Beyoncé feature – perfection. There are complex musical layers here, and even more complex lyrical notes, but it’s my fave and it might be yours, too. Something you might have missed – the album is called Blonde, but the cover art reads “Blond” – perhaps a note to the duality of Frank’s public image, or his sexuality?? So many questions.




Rihanna – “Man Down”


Alright, this is an oldie, but let’s be honest it will never get old. This is just like a reggae, feminist power ballad about shooting a man. I think we can all rally around the fact that this is badass, regardless of whether you’re the one getting shot or not. We’ve got a Jay-Z reference and a Queen reference, what more do we need from Queen Rih?






Finish Ticket – “Scavenger”


This is such a great throwback to the glory days of Walk The Moon and Young The Giant. Finish Ticket are an American band from California, and they’ve got a great sound that really takes me back to some of the original alt-rockers. This song just screams “road trip” to me – and their lead vocalist, Brendan Hoye, gives me some Zayn Malik vibes.






Toto – “Africa”


Alright, if you aren’t listening to this song, then you clearly haven’t gotten onto the Stranger Things train. Firstly, do that, secondly, blast this problematic eighties jam in your car wearing a letterman jacket and getting milkshakes with your guy/gal. Sure, the descriptions of Africa in this song are horrifically simplified and downright idiotic, but just FEEL THOSE 80s VIBES, MAN.






Rae Sremmurd – “Came A Long Way”


Rae Sremmurd‘s new record, SremmLife 2 is one of my favorite fall releases, hands down. This is one of the slower tracks – which gives me Big Sean vibes, but I think the slower form suits the Mississippi duo well. It’s the perfect follow up to their debut record – and they continue to prove that party rap can be just as complex as the political vein. And the BEAT!!!!






Ella Eyre – “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off”


Ah, this song. Of course I had to include one heartbreaking, soul-sucking ballad. This song is a cover of Jermaine Stewart’s track, but dang is it something special. Eyre growls and rasps her way through the song, adding an emotional layer that the original lacks. She slows down the tempo, and adds an Adele-level of soul into it. If you’re in the mood to get emotional with your Mercury-in-retrograde self, do it to this.






The 1975 – “The Ballad Of Me And My Brain”


UK group, The 1975, have been on our radar for a while now. Their sophomore album, I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it is one of my top albums of the year, easily. It’s full of great poppy tunes, and their signature synthy slow tracks. The lyrics are complex and quick – almost along a rap vein at times. Singer, Matt Healy delivers his traditional sardonic wit and lyricism on the entire record, but this is one of the best tracks.






James TW – “Different”


British singer-songwriter James TW has garnered a larger audience in recent months during his opening performances on Shawn Mendes’ US Tour. With a Lewis Watson, Ed Sheeran style of energy and a unique brand of acoustic pop, James TW will no doubt be producing the next few lighthearted chart toppers. He, like Mendes, began his career posting covers online, and this song has a great feel-good message about loving yourself – always important.






CHVRCHES – “Leave A Trace”


Scottish synthpoppers CHVRCHES have made waves in mainstream music over the last couple of years, and this is one of my favorite songs of theirs. It’s not their most popular, and it’s not new, but I thought I’d include it because it has those good *indifference towards someone who wronged you* vibes – aka the perfect fall energy. Singer, Lauren Mayberry, accepts the blame for the wrong she’s done, but decides she doesn’t give a f*ck which is the key to that liberated fall energy we’re all looking for.





What tracks are you currently digging?

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