Pretty much every account on Instagram is a photography account, right? Wrong. Some people take their photos above and beyond, showcasing beautiful landscapes, people, and concepts through their lenses. I wanted to share my ten favorite photo accounts with you all – hopefully you’ll discover someone new!


Elliot posts amazing photos – mostly of shows and bands on tour. He captures the fun, behind-the-scenes side of the music world with grace and an amazing energy that translates into his work. He is currently photographing Vans Warped Tour.


Emily posts primarily posts naturally-inspired photos. Many of her snaps have beautiful symmetry and colors, and are just plain pleasing to the eye. Oh, and her dog is adorable.

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Vitaly runs this beautiful account – boasting a more pensive and moody aesthetic. His photos have beautiful tones & often feature influencers from different corners of the Internet. He’s currently photographing Kian and Jc’s tour.

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Kat Irlin takes mostly portrait shots, and her photography is some of the most magical and raw on Instagram. Her shots are usually of young people, and feature mystical-feeling backgrounds and setups.

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Maddy Crum is behind this account, which features bold, striking, editorial-style shots mixed in between softer, personal photos. Her account has a lot of portraits, but her conceptual series’ are breathtaking and unique.

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Hope you guys discovered someone new to stalk when you’re bored. Who are your fave photography accounts to follow?

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