Hey everyone! Long time no speak, I know. I’ve finally started adjusting to life in Brooklyn, and I think we’re long overdue for some YouTube videos, what do you think? I’m working on a couple of partnerships for HV right now so hopefully those go well, but in the mean time, I’m here to wrap up my beauty notes from the past seven days.

The Cleanser That Fixed My Skin

If you keep up with me on Instagram, you’ll know that I had the incredible opportunity to travel to India for work this month. It was an amazing experience, but I have to say that it lowkey destroyed my skin. Hours of flights, sweaty mountain hikes, and hotel air for 15 days do not a beautiful woman make. I came back and the trusty Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel wasn’t quite cutting it, so I decided a scrub was in my future.

Cue the Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula. I stumbled upon this stuff while I was perusing the makeup counters of Century 21. It was around $20.00 so I figured that Clinique was a good brand and tbh, I was desperate (usually I don’t spend $20 on skincare I know nothing about).

I’ve used it for about a week now and I love it. It’s scrubby without being abrasive, and it’s still nice and hydrating. It also smells a little bit like chlorine which I kind of like? Five stars.

My New Favorite Apps


Lately, I’ve been the victim of some serious jet-lag. I’m terrible at adjusting my internal clock, and I was looking for a way to sleep easier. I did a little research and found the app iSleep Easy. Basically this soothing woman reads positive affirmations and/or deep breathing exercises to you as you fall asleep.

It’s a nice way to end your day especially if, like me, you’re addicted to your phone and can’t put it down. It’s super relaxing, and I’ve been using the free version but debating upgrading soon.

Secondly, I’m loving the app Clue. TMI warning. It’s a stealthy app that tracks your period and cycle so you can keep track of what your body’s up to. You can take a daily survey during your period about how you’re feeling in a variety of categories, and it gives you a report of your cycle. It’s super helpful if you’re like me and never have any idea when your period is coming or going. It also syncs up with iOS 9 for iPhone so you can monitor it in your Health app.

YouTube Channels I’m Loving

This week I’ve been watching a couple of YouTubers religiously. My first new found love is Mykie from the channel Glam & Gore. She does a variety of looks ranging from beauty to serious SFX gory stuff, but she makes it super easy to understand and do yourself! Her personality is also so lovable. Girl crush af.

Secondly, my one true love, Claire Marshall. Claire’s channel “hey claire” is probably my favorite beauty channel on YouTube other than my go-to girl Lisa Eldridge. Claire mixes edgy with glamour in an “I’m so cool but also really fun but also really nice but also I take no shit” kind of way. Her videos are edited super well, and incorporate cool cinematography techniques, which is the kind of detail I appreciate.

Book Faves

As any self-loving individual would know, Mindy Kaling’s new book, Why Not Me, came out this week. As the avid Kaling-lover I am, I had to grab it immediately and unfortunately I don’t know how to savor or enjoy things so I read it in three hours. I loved it so much. It’s wise and hilarious and relatable in every way, and I really enjoyed it (dare I say more than her first book). Highly recommend.

Thanks for checkin’ in ya’ll. Hopefully there will be some YouTube videos soon! Make sure to keep up with High Voltage on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop!

xo Miranda

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