I didn’t realize this until today but all of the jewelry in The Great Gatsby was actually custom made by Tiffany & Co. in a collection inspired by the film. I’m not really one to fawn over diamonds and pearls but the fact that real rich people can go buy Gatsby’s daisy ring and Daisy’s headpiece makes me feel kind of happy or something. A little piece of jazz age beauty is sneaking into the real world, if you can call a $200,000 headpiece the real world. I thought for fun I’d just show you some of the pretty pieces from the collection just because I’m bored and I’m a sucker for the idea of sparkles and glamour. Maybe in a past life I was some glamorous roaring twenties girl but I sure as hell could care less about a diamond crown in this world. I’m going to go buy my future husband some JG cuff links though. I’d totally date Jay Gatsby (or maybe just Leonardo DiCaprio). Regardless, everything is so pretty. Maybe it’s the ten year old in me that still wants to play dress up…

Art-Deco-drop-earrings-in-platinum-with-diamonds-The-Great-Gatsby-collection Daisy-Ring-in-sterling-silver-1024x762 esq-ziegfeld-collection-cufflinks-041513-xlg savoyheadband wpid-Photo-May-10-2013-1220-AM1

Now you too can look as beautiful as Daisy Buchanan and as dapper as Jay Gatsby if you have anywhere from 500-300,000 bucks. You can take a look at the rest of the collection here, but you might start crying.



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