I don’t know about you, but for some reason my interest in discovering new artists and music in general increases tenfold once fall arrives. Maybe it has something to do with all of that time I spend reading and writing and redefining myself around this time of year – or maybe I just get more anti-social, or realize that in fact I have always been anti-social? Regardless of the cause, I spend approximately 80% of my free time making playlists.

So here it is: fall in a playlist. We’ve got a little old, a little new, some slow, and some upbeat. I’ll let it speak (well, sing?) for itself.


If you’re craving more, I’ve got a few fall playlists past that you may like: Numero Uno, Numero Dos

As always, check out my now playlist on Spotify to see what I’m listening to!

xo Miranda

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Miranda Feneberger

Miranda Feneberger

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