I’m Miranda, and I’m the one behind this little corner of the Internet. I have been working on this space since 2011, and it’s gone through many evolutions, just like I have. Right now, we’re talking beauty, style, music, and lifestyle. On a moderately consistent basis, I share a couple of my obsessions with you here and on my YouTube channel.

As you’re reading this I currently reside in the concrete jungle – good old New York, New York. I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia – hence, the occasional “y’all.”

On any given day you might catch me drinking an iced coffee, enjoying the spoils of NYC, or laying in my bed watching an endless stream of YouTube videos and Fixer Upper reruns. I also love horror movies and all things weird, creepy, or macabre, and on that note, Kanye West is life (please don’t leave me because of that).

That’s about all you need to know about me to get started. I’m sure you’ll discover all sorts of my riveting interests and quirks along the way.




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