Hi my name is Miranda Feneberger and I am addicted to French fashion house Kenzo. Kenzo was founded in 1970 by design genius Kenzo Takada, the stylish man to whom I owe my tears. Kenzo also produces fragrance and skincare, but for my purposes I am going to focus on the clothing, because that I what I would sell my dignity to get my hands on. Since it’s conception, Kenzo has had many creative directors, but my favorite are the company’s current designers, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (who also run Opening Ceremony).

The first thing I love about Kenzo is their advertising. Their spreads are always incredibly creative and whimsical, and I appreciate that. They often feature people in weird situations, being manipulated or posed in some way. I’m obsessed.

kenzo ad 1 kenzo ad 2 kenzo ad 3 kenzo ad 4 kenzo ad 6

Kenzo also does a bunch of cool collaborations and capsule collections. One of my favorite collections is the Eye Capsule from this fall. They released a series of clothing and accessories donning their super cool/creepy eye design. I’m obsessed with this collection and would buy every piece if I could afford it.

kenzo eye

One of my favorite Kenzo collabs is their deal with Vans (one of my favorite apparel companies). Their Vans collaborations are always so beautiful. I love the colors and patterns they use.

kenzo vans

vanz vanzzI also love Kenzo’s Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear collection “Graphic Kalifornia”. I love the use of black and white mixed with typography. It’s a totally new take on summer clothing, which usually focuses a lot on color.

kz1.jpg kz2.jpg kz3.jpgTheir women’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection “No Fish No Nothing” is also really awesome.

fish 1.jpg fish 2.jpg

Lastly, I thought I’d discuss accessories. No words needed.

accc 1.jpg accc 2.jpgI hope you understand, now, why I am obsessed. Because I love you, I will leave you with one last thing. It’s called Kiosk. Yeah, Kenzo makes frickin baby clothes and they’re FLAWLESS.

kidzo kidzoo

Someone pay for all of these things for me.

xo Miranda

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