Aussie avant garde fashion designer, Amelia Vivash, has no desire to please fashion’s higher-ups. From her day-to-day style to the grotesque and colorful creations she produces, she is making a statement – one that the fashion industry has needed for a long time.

Amelia studied at the prestigious Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney where she produced a stand out graduate collection full of bold, bright, pieces built from unconventional materials. We briefly met during our shared time in London, which she spent training at Central Saint Martens (their alumni include Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Stella McCartney, and more), and I’ve followed her ever since. Her over the top choices, both in her day-to-day style and her designs, are completely demolishing the boundaries of what constitutes “fashion” for many people. She gives new meaning to the word, adding in a bold and often smutty element that is completely missing from today’s top designers.

Amelia, how did you get started designing?

I started designing in primary school, I remember mum would always sew at home and I would watch and I would have a little note book beside me just drawing little tops, skirts, bags, that i wanted to make. I went through the drawings a while ago because I found them! They were hilarious… i was such a try hard, haha.

What inspires your day to day style?

I honestly couldn’t tell you what ‘inspires’ me but I basically just wear whatever or however I’m feeling that day. If I’m particularly feeling like a green day ill try and find every single green thing I own and put it together. Some days are lazy and some days I go ALL out. Really depends on my moods.

Do you prefer to make your own clothes?

Well I didn’t have any time while I was studying to make my own clothes, but now I really love ripping shit apart and creating new looks from my old clothes, almost like “homeless chic.”

Who are some of your favorite artists & musicians?

I would say my favorite person in the entire world is Noel Fielding, his brain is just so creative and insane that i basically just want to marry him and live inside him everyday. Musicians.. um I honestly have no idea haha I listen to a whole range of music from Louis Armstrong to heaps of 80’s funk music that my dad listens to, but I would say i listen to a lot of 90’s music. Destiny’s Child, Snoop Dogg, Maria, etc. But what song I’m really loving at the moment is by The Avalanches – “Frankie Sinatra”. That shit gets me going. I do really love Die Antwoord. And I listen to Queen and Bowie a lot, haha.

What inspires you to create your pieces?

Its usually something I’ve seen online, around town, or a film I’ve recently watched and I’ve seen something that sparks an idea, then i usually start researching on that particular thing, even if its like a bug or a type of fetish ill start looking it up and finding new ideas and it usually leads me into other things that has nothing to do with the original idea. Then i expand on that and play and sketch my ideas from shapes and movements.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever designed?

I think definitely what my favorite piece ever would be is one from my grad collection called ‘obese cunt’. This character’s my fave, there’s so much going on and so much work that I put into this one piece that it’s basically me in art form.

Amelia Vivash

Who are some of your inspirations in the fashion world?

I honestly don’t even follow any designers at all. Australian Fashion Week is probably the worst thing you could ever go to, so many boring designers that just moosh together and all look like an unglazed donut. But other then shitty Australian fashion, you can’t go wrong with McQueen and Galliano… the gods of fashion. Weirdly enough Noel Fielding is still a big inspiration while I design and sketch, even though he’s not a designer. His creative brain helps me push a bit harder and a bit weirder every time.

What is your favorite eyebrow look? Because, quite frankly, your eyebrows are one of the reasons I am alive.

Haha, well right now my fave eyebrow look is none at all. I’m a bit over my eyebrows. I used to draw them in every single day cause my natural ones are shit as fuck, but then one day I just couldn’t be bothered. Everyone was drawing their eyebrows in. So then I just bleached mine. Occasionally I like to draw squiggles as brows and polka dots.

What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you?

Oh god I have no idea, haha. I’d say I’m just a dirty open book. Probably share a bit too much actually.

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