When I found out Ariana Grande was releasing a fragrance – I was pumped. I’m a big Ari supporter and I guess the idea of smelling like her was appealing. She’s always been the queen of sweetness – with her innocent fashion & hair choices and simple makeup looks (just forget about that latex bunny mask for a sec, okay?), and I’m not surprised that her newest fragrance, Sweet Like Candy, is equally adorable.

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Ariana Grande, one of TIME’s Most Influential People of 2016, releases her newest fragrance at midnight tonight on Ulta.

The fragrance is described as:

A luscious burst of sugar-frosted blackberry and juicy Italian bergamot sparkles with sweet addiction, while creamy cashmere woods whipped with a delicate touch of pink floralcy will keep you coming back for more. The final wink is sure to delight with velvety layers of crème de cassis, fluffy marshmallow and sexy vanilla blended together to leave a head turning, alluring trail.

Honestly this sounds like the pinkest and fluffiest fragrance of 2016, and I am so down. The fragrance is built in three layers, which dry to reveal various scents:

Sweet Addiction (TOP): Blackberry, Italian Bergamot, Pear

Delightfully Dangerous (HEART): Jasmine Sambac, Plummeria, Dewy honeysuckle

Sexy Wink (DRY DOWN): Crème de cassis, Marshmallow, Cashmere woods, Sexy Vanilla

The bottle itself is even adorable, with a creamy pink exterior and a fluffy pom pom attached at the neck. IT LOOKS SO FLUFFY.

I wouldn’t expect anything less than a complex, sugary-sweet perfume from the queen of sweetness herself, Ariana Grande. I’m pumped for this release and will be in Ulta ASAP to sniff it up, I’m sure of that. The 3.4 oz bottle rings in at $59.00, and the smaller sizes go down in price from that point.

Are you as pumped about this as I am?

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