I’ve been trying to decide whether or not the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette was worth it since it came out. I finally decided to fork over an entire $28 for it and man oh man was it a good choice. 

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Featuring 5 matte shades and one shimmer, the pocket sized palette really delivers on both pigmentation and quality. As a lover of matte neutral eyeshadows, I was (and still am) drooling over this one. Venus is the only shimmer in the palette (a perfect below brow and inner corner highlight), and Foxy and W.O.S. (Walk of Shame) deliver lovely cream colored goodness. Foxy is the yellowy counterpart to the peachy, Walk of Shame, and both seem like they could be great for setting under eye concealer. Naked 2 and Faint are my kind of matte browns, working as good neutral lid and crease colors as well as brow powders. Crave is the matte black that the first Naked palette was missing, and it is of standard UD quality, packing great formula and pigmentation into a tiny package.

Overall, I think this palette is definitely worth the money. Sure it’s nearly $30 for a pocket-sized collection of shadows that you could probably put together with a quick fishing through your makeup junk drawer, but the convenience and quality are the real sellers. This is a great palette for makeup beginners, and a staple for savants like Kate and I. Any neutral look you’d ever need can be made with a quick dusting of any of the above shades. The sleek, slim, and compact packaging (and mirror!) also make it perfect for traveling! Overall, it’s a 5/5 in my book.

Have you tried this little baby out? Keep your eyes peeled for a video tutorial using this guy on our YouTube channel!

xo Miranda

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