I am constantly on a quest for the perfect lip stain – and it’s HARD. You see, I’m super high maintenance about it. I won’t stop until I find one that’s insanely pigmented, comes in a range of flattering colors, and will survive every drink, meal, and make out without a smudge.

I mean, it’s 2013, how hard can it be?!

So, I decided to put one with rave reviews to the ultimate test. I’m actually not supposed to get it until my birthday, but I snuck it out of the box for a night – I was a little excited, okay? My guinea pig was Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet.

Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry Review Swatch Swatches  (3)Here’s the deal: it applies like a gloss, dries like a perfect matte red lipstick, and is said to last through the fury of a thousand storms.

So I turned a boring night at home into a (kind of fat) beauty experiment. I applied the Velvetine, which was effortless and looked incredible. We’re talking perfect, classic, matte red. The stuff of dreams. Then I spent the next few hours drinking a few glasses of water, some hot tea, eating everything from fried rice to ice cream, and then – here’s the kicker – sleeping in it.

Here’s what my lips looked like right after I applied the Velvetine:

photo photo-1

And here’s what they looked like after a multitude of food, drinks, and 8 hours of sleep (for the record, it was hot and I was definitely tossing and turning a bunch!):

photo-3 photo-2

Overall, I’m IMPRESSED. After it all, the color only faded slightly around the edges of my lips, and the smudges only occurred after sleeping (and, yes, my pillow does have some red streaks on it now – all in the name of beauty, right?). This stuff seriously hardly budged after my mini feast. No more checking and reapplying my lipstick after a meal out? Yes, please!

My only complaint? That there aren’t more colors available! The only other shade out right now is Suedeberry, which is a lighter, orange-er red. It’s almost too similar to Red Velvet for me to buy it. Thankfully, though, a bright pink Velvetine – Pink Velvet – is coming out in time for the holidays!

Pink Velvet
Pink Velvet

What do you guys think? Do you wanna try ’em out? Visit Lime Crime‘s website to check out the Velvetines and all their other awesome products!

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