I’m a bit of a nail polish junkie, to say the least. I don’t know why I always want more nail polish, lord knows I don’t need it, but there’s something nice about being able to change up your nail color. The lovely gals at Caption Polish sent me some shades from their Resort Collection so I thought I’d let you all know my thoughts! Caption Polish did not sponsor this post or compensate me for my review, but the polishes were provided for me at no cost.

spring shades caption polish

“Introducing the latest color story from Caption Polish, our 2016 Resort Collection of eight seasonal pastel shades. Inspired by a soft desert sky and nuanced wispy cloudscapes in stark contrast with a glowing gold chrome.”

I had never tried any of Caption’s polishes before this, and I was delighted by the experience! The brushes were flawless – exactly the right shape and thickness to get a really easy, nice wash of color. The packaging is nice quality – the bottles are glass and the lids are metallic silver. Caption sent me eight shades from their spring collection. These are their descriptions, and mine in parentheses.

Kill It With Kindness, a virtuous, pale pink (very milky baby pink)

Good Save, a healing, jade green (definitely a muted, mossy green)

Never Too Early, a sunny buttercream yellow

What Goes Around, a good karma pastel blue (tones of periwinkle)

Gimme Gimme, a subtle pale smoky grey

Read It And Weep, a moody charcoal grey

Eat My Dust, a gold medal metallic chrome (a dark, spraypaint gold)

Ain’t No Thing, an easy pale apricot (very pale/white yellow)

Please forgive my shoddy paint job in the following photos. I was running out of the house and got a little sloppy.

Pinky to Thumb: Good Save, What Goes Around, Eat My Dust, Ain’t No Thing, and Gimme Gimme
Thumb to Pinky: What Goes Around, Kill It With Kindness, Good Save, Never Too Early, and Read It & Weep.

Overall I loved most of the shades. What Goes Around is a beautiful vibrant blue shade, and Good Save is a perfect muted spring green. I loved both of the grey polishes as well. The paler colors: Ain’t No Thing, Never Too Early, and Kill It With Kindness were all beautiful but a little too white and not bright enough for my skin tone. The pigmentation was amazing, though and the colors were opaque with one coat. The only color that disappointed was the metallic gold, Eat My Dust. It chipped on me super quickly, while the others were much longer lasting.

Caption Polish also offers a base and top coat for their three step system which I was not sent, so I can’t comment on the system as a whole. The polishes were amazing, however, and they’re relatively inexpensive for a higher end polish – ringing in at $12.00. The mani above lasted about a week and a half on my nails, with the Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat and no base coat. Pretty impressive. Gel nail polish from the salon usually lasts about two and a half weeks on me.

What Goes Around under Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter Polish in “Stronger”

Is it better than gel, no. Is it better than most drugstore nail polish, heck yeah.

Have you tried Caption Polish?

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