I’ve decided that it’s about time for me to start a home decor series. I’ve been super into interior design & decoration lately, and I wanted to share some of the elements I’ve been researching. I have always loved wreaths and I thought I’d share some of my favorites.

Wreaths have a long and interesting history – some of the earliest wreaths were recorded in Ancient Greek and Roman societies. Laurel wreaths were popularized by the myth of Apollo – who essentially got a woman turned into a laurel tree as an escape from his aggressive come-ons. That’s Greek mythology for you. Many wreaths are associated with spiritual beliefs, celebrations, and festivals, and I think they add a beautiful, natural look to any space.

Boxwood Wreath by Smith & Hawken for Target

This wreath is made from preserved boxwood leaves. It’s a gorgeous pop of green that would look beautiful on any wall. This is the wreath that I have in my bedroom!

$17.99 at Target

Fresh Olive & Eucalyptus Wreath by Club Botanic

This is more of a full sized wreath, but I love how it’s made of fresh leaves. It would be a great seasonal piece, or party centerpiece. It’s not the most practical for people on a budget, but it’s a beautiful splurge piece.

$71.00 at Club Botanic

Berry Wreath by AllModern

Berry wreaths add a really nice touch to any festive holiday spread. These would be beautiful for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but would also make beautiful kitchen or hall decor.

$44.99 at AllModern

Fresh Leucadendron & Tallowberry Wreath By Club Botanic

This is another fresh wreath from Club Botanic. This is a beautiful fresh wreath for anyone who loves a little bit of color but still wants to keep things subtle. This would be a beautiful door wreath.

$89.00 at Club Botanic

Pink Peony & Lily Wreath By Pier1 Imports

This is a beautiful wreath for anyone who loves bright florals. It’s classic and natural and would look beautiful in a kitchen or even a bathroom. I love the idea of hanging wreaths near the bathtub, and this one would make a beautiful bath time centerpiece.

$55.95 at Pier1 Imports

Fresh Bay Leaf Wreath By McFadden Farm

I love the way the muted shades of green in this wreath would complement any color scheme. This wreath would look beautiful in a kitchen or on a window, and the wreath is actually edible! You could use the bay leaves in a recipe straight from the wreath.

$28.50 at McFadden Farm

Crackle LED Wreath By West Elm

This is a beautiful branch wreath with LED lights scattered throughout. It’s a very warm wreath and would beautifully accent spaces with dark browns, reds, golds and greens.

$39.00 at West Elm

Fresh Magnolia & Cedar Wreath By West Elm

This freshly made wreath from West Elm is a beautiful woodsy element that would accent any space. It’s a larger wreath so it would best accent open or larger spaces that need a little cozying up.

$79.00 at West Elm

Cotton Wreath By Magnolia Market

This wreath adds a beautiful light element to any room, and is an interesting alternative to a wreath of greenery. It would make a cozy addition to a laundry room or bedroom, and will definitely add texture to the space.

$54.00 at Magnolia Market

Boxwood Leaf Wreath By Ikea

This is a simple, affordable green wreath. It’s similar to the Target boxwood wreath but not as densely packed. It would give an airy and natural feel to any room, and the classic and simple green would match most decor.

$12.99 at Ikea

Have I gotten you aboard the wreath train yet? I’m absolutely loving the way my space looks with a wreath hanging. You could also semi-easily DIY your own wreaths using foam loops and craft store supplies.