It’s a struggle many women face: finding a bag that looks good but is also practical enough to hold the stuff that the different phases of our lives require. Sometimes we need to bring our gym clothes to the office, or we have a nice dinner plan but no time to change out from our school clothes – that’s where Alles Bags comes in.

The brand is the brainchild of mother/daughter duo Antje and Steffie Price. Steffie has been modeling since age thirteen, and she realized that the perfect bag didn’t really exist – one that could hold her shoes, portfolio, and everyday stuff! After a strangely coincidental run-in on a cross-country flight, she got in touch with me about these bags and I told her I’d love to see one in action, and as you can imagine, they’re wonderful. Many of their bags are ultra-convertible, featuring detachable structured shoe boxes, adjustable straps and handles, and easy backpack conversion. I have been using one for almost a month now, and I’m obsessed, as you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram.


Steffie was lovely enough to chat with me a little about the brand itself, and what she thinks makes the bags so unique.

Co-founder Steffie Price

HV: What inspired you to create Alles Bags? 

Co-founder, Steffie Price: My lifestyle as a traveling model. Having sometimes up to 15 appointments in one day, my handbag basically had to hold my life – that being my heels, portfolio, makeup, tablet, snacks, and more. I could never find a bag that could hold everything I needed in a stylish and functional way so I sought out to create my own.

What’s it working on the brand with your mom?

It’s perfect because I trust her more than anyone! When I first had the idea for the bags I didn’t want to tell anyone for fear that they might steal the concept – so I went to my mom and we worked on it in secret for four years – only our closest family and friends knew about it until we launched. My mom also has several years of experience running her own business so it’s great to have her to show me the ropes.

Founders Antje and Steffie Price

What’s your favorite bag you’ve designed? 

My favorite is the Jessica bag. It’s funny because it was one of my least favorite bags initially – I thought it turned out way too big! But after using it myself I fell in love – I use it for castings, to pack picnics, and as a carry on when I’m traveling.

The "Jessica
The “Jessica” in Beige & Cognac
The "Jessica"
The “Jessica” in Beige & Cognac
The "Jessica"
The “Jessica” in Beige & Cognac

Who were some of your artistic inspirations during the design process?

We were inspired by Picasso and Piet Mondrian for their focus on geometric shapes. We also focused a lot on color theory and minimalism.

These bags are a busy girl’s dream.

I had the chance to test out a couple of the bags, thanks to the wonderful ladies at Alles Bags, and I found them to be such great quality, and truly utilitarian. All of their bags are made of vegan leather, and they come with adjustable straps in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors.

My personal favorite was the Annika. It’s a roomy tote with two large pockets on either side which can fit a pair of shoes each. My 13″ MacBook Air also fits in the bag. it has two side handles, and an adjustable strap that makes for super easy carrying.

The “Annika” in Black & Sand
The “Annika” in Black & Sand

I also got to try out a couple of their signature convertible bags. The Jessica, pictured up at the top, is a gorgeous bag with a structured detachable shoe compartment – one of the brand’s signature features. The Reneé is a larger bag with a zippered top (rather than the Jessica’s hard frame), and I got to check it out in two gorgeous shades.

The “Reneé” in Lipstick Red & Black

Its trendy bowler style is super cute while also being totally functional.

The “Reneé” in Warm Cognac worn as a backpack
The “Reneé” in Warm Cognac details

Usually I don’t cover products on the site in this way, but I think this brand is doing something awesome. Their bags are ethically produced, meaning the factories in which they are produced provide their employees with fair wages and pleasant working conditions.

The bags retail around the $100 mark, so they’re comparable to a mid-range designer bag. I think that fast fashion is something we as consumers need to start being more conscious of – buying from smaller businesses who really care about the way their products are made ensures us that we can feel good about the things we’re investing in. The bags are all made using vegan leather as well, so no animals were harmed in the process, which is great.

These bags are so useful for women and men on the go. They are practical, good quality, durable, and so stylish. There are colors and styles to fit a variety of tastes, and I haven’t put mine down since I’ve started using it. I think these could be great for new moms to use as diaper bags, for athletes to store sneakers & gym gear, for working girls to keep their heels and laptop, for artists, MUAs, or anyone who needs a little more room and durability than the average bag provides. Plus, they’re absolutely adorable!

Check out Alles Bags on their website and on Instagram.

This post was not sponsored by Alles Bags, but the bags were provided for free to test out, and the brand so kindly allowed me to keep the Annika bag I fell in love with.


Fall is almost with us, and that means our wardrobes are a-changin’. In the past, we’ve done some serious womenswear coverage, but only a few articles for our male readers (which you can read here). Because dude style is just as awesome and important as womenswear, we caught up with blogger Sage Goldnik of Goldnique to get some advice about what men should be looking for when crafting their fall wardrobes. His style ranges from classic to casual to urban, so regardless of your personal style, his tips will help you come out refined and cool (if that’s what you’re going for, you do you man).

Hey Sage – we’re so excited to hear all of your advice. Your outfits are always bomb. What do you think is the main thing men should be thinking about when styling themselves?

The impression they want to make on other people. Honestly, who cares what you wear to sit at home and play Xbox?  But when you dress to go out and people see you, do you want them to think, “Damn, James Bond…” or “Damn Daniel…”?  Do you want someone to think you came from the trading desk on Wall Street or your bike repair shop in Brooklyn?  The skate park or the golf course?  There’s no getting around the fact that people judge you by the clothes you’re wearing, so make sure your clothes reflect how you want to be perceived.

Great point – you are what you wear. What are some of the things that you’re looking at when choosing an outfit for yourself?

The list is pretty long and complicated when I’m styling an outfit for a photo shoot.  I have to take into account how the colors will photograph, what details need to be included, what the overall image is I’m trying to portray. Proportion is really key for me since I tend to go with a lot of layers of varying lengths and volume. I find two-piece dressing (pants + shirt) to be fairly dull ever since I moved to Paris at 14 and saw how the French kids wore a lot more layers. So, I’m always paying attention to balancing the proportions of skinny jeans and oversized jackets, long t-shirts under short bombers, and wide-shouldered blazers over slim-fitting pants.  Scarves are great to work with, but they can go really wrong when the proportion is off.

What are your top five fall fashion tips for men?

White + Black

Pictured: Sage Goldnik (right) and Ian Elkins (left) | Photographer: Jeffrey Buoncristiano
There is an abundance of earth tones in store during the fall season, which is great if you have olive skin. If you have pale skin like I do, better to go with classic black and white for your essential pieces. If you’re spending a lot, invest in classic styles. For trendy items that you probably won’t wear next year, get adventurous with bold patterns, interesting shapes and unusual lengths you wouldn’t typically wear.

Bomber Jackets

Pictured: Sage Goldnik | Photographer: Owen Captures
These are key for moving your wardrobe into fall. I like them best when they are styled with a long t-shirt underneath and skinny jeans.  They can become a little dull if they’re monochrome cotton, so opt for a shinier material like nylon or satin, a pattern like camo or palm print, and details like big hardware, patches and interesting liner material/color.

Chelsea Boots

Pictured: Sage Goldnik | Photographer: Owen Captures

Everybody’s talking about Chelsea boots making a comeback for the fall, but they never went out of style for me. I love them with skinny jeans, either tucked in or rolled up to show a bit of ankle. Cognac, tan or black are the perfect fall colors.

Oversized Coat + Slim Fitting Outfit

Pictured: Sage Goldnik | Photographer: Owen Captures

The must-have piece for the Fall is an oversized coat with a loose, long fit.  Go big with the coat but not with the pieces underneath.  An oversized coat that is extra long is great way to update an outfit, but stay away from bulky layers or wide leg pants under it.

Layers + Layers + Layers

Pictured: Sage Goldnik

Fall is the perfect time to start playing with multiple layers.  Don’t just throw a jacket over what you wore this summer. Instead play with lengths and textures, like an extra long sweater with shorts or a biker jacket with long, slim layers. Capes are great too, and you can wear them as a statement scarf if they’re made from a thinner material.

These tips are awesome. I think one thing I’ve seen you do really well on your blog & Instagram is emphasize the importance of personal style, and not just copy-pasting what others are doing. Where do you usually shop for the interesting and unique pieces you wear?

Unlike a lot of bloggers and influencers who are pretty linear in their looks, my style is all over the board.  I’m straight up street style one day and classic dapper the next, so I don’t really have a favorite store for all my different looks.  When I’m in Paris, I always check out Zara, Colette and Ron Abraham.  When I’m in the States, I love FourTwoFour on Fairfax in LA and Barney’s in NYC. Mostly I’m finding that I “shop” Instagram more and more. Almost everything I’ve bought in the past year has been from a brand I saw on Instagram.

Instagram is definitely a great resource for menswear – even just for seeking out inspiration! What would your advice be to a guy who’s decided to upgrade his look?

Don’t go it alone.  Most guys tend to buy the same thing over and over again because five years ago, some girl told them they look good in green or straight leg jeans or muscle tees. Bring someone with you whose opinion you value when you go shopping, someone who has great style and who will tell it to you like it is. And be prepared to be completely uncomfortable with change.

Awesome, thanks so much Sage for sharing your wisdom! 

Follow Sage // Instagram | Goldnique


Aussie avant garde fashion designer, Amelia Vivash, has no desire to please fashion’s higher-ups. From her day-to-day style to the grotesque and colorful creations she produces, she is making a statement – one that the fashion industry has needed for a long time.

Amelia studied at the prestigious Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney where she produced a stand out graduate collection full of bold, bright, pieces built from unconventional materials. We briefly met during our shared time in London, which she spent training at Central Saint Martens (their alumni include Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Stella McCartney, and more), and I’ve followed her ever since. Her over the top choices, both in her day-to-day style and her designs, are completely demolishing the boundaries of what constitutes “fashion” for many people. She gives new meaning to the word, adding in a bold and often smutty element that is completely missing from today’s top designers.

Amelia, how did you get started designing?

I started designing in primary school, I remember mum would always sew at home and I would watch and I would have a little note book beside me just drawing little tops, skirts, bags, that i wanted to make. I went through the drawings a while ago because I found them! They were hilarious… i was such a try hard, haha.

What inspires your day to day style?

I honestly couldn’t tell you what ‘inspires’ me but I basically just wear whatever or however I’m feeling that day. If I’m particularly feeling like a green day ill try and find every single green thing I own and put it together. Some days are lazy and some days I go ALL out. Really depends on my moods.

Do you prefer to make your own clothes?

Well I didn’t have any time while I was studying to make my own clothes, but now I really love ripping shit apart and creating new looks from my old clothes, almost like “homeless chic.”

Who are some of your favorite artists & musicians?

I would say my favorite person in the entire world is Noel Fielding, his brain is just so creative and insane that i basically just want to marry him and live inside him everyday. Musicians.. um I honestly have no idea haha I listen to a whole range of music from Louis Armstrong to heaps of 80’s funk music that my dad listens to, but I would say i listen to a lot of 90’s music. Destiny’s Child, Snoop Dogg, Maria, etc. But what song I’m really loving at the moment is by The Avalanches – “Frankie Sinatra”. That shit gets me going. I do really love Die Antwoord. And I listen to Queen and Bowie a lot, haha.

What inspires you to create your pieces?

Its usually something I’ve seen online, around town, or a film I’ve recently watched and I’ve seen something that sparks an idea, then i usually start researching on that particular thing, even if its like a bug or a type of fetish ill start looking it up and finding new ideas and it usually leads me into other things that has nothing to do with the original idea. Then i expand on that and play and sketch my ideas from shapes and movements.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever designed?

I think definitely what my favorite piece ever would be is one from my grad collection called ‘obese cunt’. This character’s my fave, there’s so much going on and so much work that I put into this one piece that it’s basically me in art form.

Amelia Vivash

Who are some of your inspirations in the fashion world?

I honestly don’t even follow any designers at all. Australian Fashion Week is probably the worst thing you could ever go to, so many boring designers that just moosh together and all look like an unglazed donut. But other then shitty Australian fashion, you can’t go wrong with McQueen and Galliano… the gods of fashion. Weirdly enough Noel Fielding is still a big inspiration while I design and sketch, even though he’s not a designer. His creative brain helps me push a bit harder and a bit weirder every time.

What is your favorite eyebrow look? Because, quite frankly, your eyebrows are one of the reasons I am alive.

Haha, well right now my fave eyebrow look is none at all. I’m a bit over my eyebrows. I used to draw them in every single day cause my natural ones are shit as fuck, but then one day I just couldn’t be bothered. Everyone was drawing their eyebrows in. So then I just bleached mine. Occasionally I like to draw squiggles as brows and polka dots.

What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you?

Oh god I have no idea, haha. I’d say I’m just a dirty open book. Probably share a bit too much actually.

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Indie artist, Tuesday Bassen, whose designs are sold en masse in Urban Outfitters and on her own website (and who has worked with brands like Nike and Adidas), recently posted an Instagram photo addressing the similarities between her work and some of Zara’s clothing pieces. In the photo she shows side by side images of patches & pins she’s designed, and designs featured on Zara’s clothing.

In the photo, she shows the email response she and her lawyer received from Zara, in which the company basically tells her that she doesn’t have enough of a following to matter.

Bassen’s photo caption stated the following: “Ive been pretty quiet about this, until now. Over the past year, Zara has been copying my artwork (thanks to all that have tipped me off – it’s been a lot of you). I had my lawyer contact Zara and they literally said I have no base because I’m an indie artist and they’re a major corporation and that not enough people even know about me for it to matter. I plan to further press charges, but even to have a lawyer get this LETTER has cost me $2k this far. It sucks and it’s super disheartening to have to spend basically all of my money, just to defend what is legally mine.”

As many artists know, fighting to protect your work isn’t easy when you don’t have a huge platform or a pocket full of cash. Makeup Artist and YouTuber Mykie of Glam & Gore has recently been speaking up about incidents regarding Snapchat ripping off makeup looks in their filters without credit. Makeup Artist, Tattoo Artist, and Brand Owner Kat Von D recently took to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to fight for her good friend whose logo designs have not yet been paid for by YouTube personality and Brand Owner Jeffree Star. Youtuber, Akilah Hughes, recently brought Buzzfeed Video under fire for allegations that they steal ideas & content from smaller channels.

Many brands and influencers have responded to Bassen’s allegations.

This is not new. These conversations have been happening for ages – but I think the digital ecosystem is still a big gray area when it comes to copyright and intellectual property. Bassen asks us on Instagram to “repost and tag [Zara] on Twitter, on Insta, on Facebook” if we want to help. The internet is all about community and collaboration, but where do we draw the line and how do we ensure that artists receive the credit and compensation they deserve?


I found the magic and beauty of BCP Jewelry after seeing her beautiful creations on some of my favorite YouTube gals (Mykie & Bunny). After a long stalking session, I followed her account and have been drooling over her gorgeous pieces ever since. She creates and designs beautiful jewelry using fossils, crystals, and metals. Her pieces are bold but gentle, feminine but strong. I absolutely adore her jewelry and her pieces range from the $20 range into the hundreds, so there’s something for everyone. I reached out to Barbara to talk about crystal magic, jewelry-making, and her experience using social media for her business.

Miranda Feneberger: Firstly, I absolutely love your creations. When did you start creating & designing jewelry?

Barbara C. Pellegrino: I started making jewelry when i was about 13 years old, always for fun or for friends. Didn’t get serious about it until 5 years ago, time goes so fast, feels like I did my first wire wrapped ring yesterday!

MF: What is the process you go through when designing new collections or pieces?

BCP: More often than not, a new design will hit my brain in the middle of the night. It will be midnight and I’ll start sketching something, I’ll see it in my mind and then I try to put it together.

MF: What drew you to start using crystals and fossils in your pieces?

BCP: I’ve always been attracted to crystals, I think because my mom uses them for her sculptures and she has been using them since I was a child, so I have always been around them. When it comes to fossils, to me, to make a necklace using one is a privilege. I’m holding something that lived thousands of years ago, that belonged to a giant shark, an ancient creature. I get to turn it into an amulet and when someone wears it, they are not only wearing a necklace, they are wearing a piece of history.

bcp 2

MF: Talk to us about crystals – I know they hold a lot of energy & power. 

BCP: Crystals are amazing, I mean just look at them. They are a work of art created by mother nature, with all the energy from the Earth within them, that’s some power! Some of them take years and years to form, to me it’s just fascinating, and it’s all about energy. If you keep your own vibes positive then the vibes will flow and attract more positivity. Crystals have been used since ancient times because of their properties. People would carry them around for protection and luck. I always have some on me.

MF: That’s amazing. What’s the most magical moment you’ve ever experienced?

BCP: I can’t pick just one magical moment, because for me a magic moment is when I get an email or see an Instagram/Facebook post from a customer, saying that they love the piece of jewelry they bought from me and are showing it off. To me that’s Magic and is also very humbling. Sometimes it feels unreal to see someone all the way in Australia wearing one of my pieces – it’s a very special feeling.

bcp 1

MF: What inspires you to create? Is there a specific mood, person or place?

BCP: Everything inspires me to create, my mind never stops. I mean once I looked at my dog’s ear and thought, that would be a great size for a crystal. My husband makes fun of me sometimes because he will catch me staring into nothing, just the wall, he laughs and asks me what am i up to. He knows right then and there that I’m creating a new piece in my head.

MF: How has social media affected your business?

BCP: Social media has been great to me, I mean it’s pretty amazing, people from all over the world can see what you are up to. It opens so many doors. I also have amazing followers, they often share their love for the jewelry by re-posting photos. Social media has also allowed me to work with amazing and fun people, it has made a lot of amazing collaborations happen.

MF: One of my favorite Instagram posts of yours shows you and your husband posing in some amazing shirts – yours reads “Strong Women Intimidate Boys… And Excite Men.” Do you consider yourself a feminist?

BCP: I don’t consider myself a feminist, I simply believe in equality. I’ve always been strong & independent because that’s the way my mother raised me. I believe we shouldn’t put ourselves down to please anyone. I also think that if a man gives up his seat on the bus for an elderly woman, a woman should do the same for an elderly man, or a guy carrying his kid. I believe in equality and respect.

MF: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

BCP: The best advice I ever gotten was to be myself, simple as that but also very complicated. It’s not easy to be ourselves sometimes, but when I stopped caring about what other people thought about me, I felt free & amazing things started to happen.

MF: Where do you see yourself in five years?

BCP:  I still want to be doing what I love, still creating jewelry. I hope to be surrounded by dogs. I loveeee dogs.

Follow Barbara on Instagram and visit her Shop.

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Read our previous interview: Talking Makeup With Insta-Artist Tay LeBlanc


HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY IN THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD, ya’ll. I rounded up some easy peasy Halloween costumes this time last year and I thought I’d continue the tradition. Here are my top 10.


Who doesn’t love a bigot in a tight dress? I know I do. Basically you’ll need a terrible blond hairstyle, a spray tan, and a tight dress/blazer combo. Bonus points if you insult women all night or bring a life-like diorama of a potential Mexico-USA wall. Play “Dream On” by Aerosmith whenever you enter a new room.


Spinelli is not a super hard costume. Red dress, leather jacket, beanie, combat boots. Done. If you want to be cute/clever, wear a “Hi My Name Is: Ashley” name tag under the leather jacket. Walk around like you own the place and regularly shit on the patriarchy.


All right contestants, open your baskets. Literally all you need is an apron and a basket. Extra points if you carry around weird ingredients and a loudly ticking clock.


There’s literally no way to wear this costume and have people know who you are. I guess wear a Beans-y outfit. Carry beans? Wear a Beans mask? If you dress up as Beans PLEASE send me pics. I will bow before you.


What you’ll need: Matching velour jumpsuit, sassy hat, attitude. Walk into a room and yell the lyrics of Gossip Folks at people. I’m not sure what they are and neither is anyone else so you won’t even have to do much research. When you can, incorporate choreographed hip hop dancing and lip gloss into the ensemble. WILLZESILLZOMEWILLZONEPLILLZAYDILLZAYDILLZUBBLEDILLZUTCH?


A personal favorite of mine. I personally recommend wearing all green, with a brown or black jacket and some sort of pit-like contraption near the midriff area. I would also recommend a button that says “Guac is extra ;)” Feel free to take creative liberties with this one.


Easy, breezy, beautiful, no doubt. Black beanie, white cropped tank, cargo pants, and unnecessary body jewelry. A grungey makeup look always adds a little something special; bad lip liner- a must. Maybe incorporate a banana or cheerleading reference into the look.


Honestly not gonna give any guidance here. Please interpret as you wish.


Good ol’ PF. Consider the religious audience you will encounter during your Halloween experience before making this choice. Full pope garb recommended.


My personal favorite. Wear something red and write “retrograde” somewhere on your body. Enter rooms and promptly destroy things. Ruin belongings, relationships, and humans. Steal peoples’ phones and inappropriately snap from them. Throw people’s drinks on the ground. Yell in the faces of the patriarchy. Interpret appropriately according to your local community & federal laws.

Halloween Costumes Not Endorsed By Miranda Feneberger

  1. Anything related to Despicable Me or the Minion franchise
  2. Pumpkin Spice reference
  3. Ceiling Fan
  4. Kardashian clan member
  5. Actual Klan member


xo Miranda


Hey baes,

So fall is in full swing, and I’ve decided to partner up with Warby Parker to share some of my favorite things to do in the fall. I’ve always loved Warby Parker’s framesand sunglasses, so I am using this as an excuse to test out their Home Try-On program. They’re not paying me to praise them but I lowkey am obsessed. So thanks WP! 

Here are some shameless selfies.

The Crossfield in Polished Gold
The Piper in Jet Black
The Winston in Antique Shale Fade
The Reilly in Marzipan Tortoise
The Piper in Woodland Tortoise

I loved all of them so much. My faves were the Winston frames and the Reilly sunnies.

Fall is such a bae time of year. The changing leaves, intake of all things pumpkin, and the shedding of your summer glow just make things generally feel super different and great. When I think of fall I think of all of those old Ralph Lauren campaigns with the mahogany and burgundy rooms and equestrian gear and all of the “this is my luxury escape home in the hills of New England” vibes.

My favorite thing to do during fall is just reassess what I’m doing and my life goals and my current Netflix queue and try to enjoy the beautiful weather. Here’s my October #FallSyllabus.


Have an amazing month!

xo Miranda


It’s been ages since I’ve done a fashion-related post but I’ve been itching to do one so here it goes. Since being in London (by the way, I’m in London now), I’ve had somewhat of a cathartic style makeover. The Europeans make fashion look so easy, and when I stepped foot off the plane in January I knew that some serious changes were in order. Continue reading THE NEW SPRING STYLE


My friend Kip and I recently decided that our hairs needed a change. After a long existential debate, I decided on a black dye and he decided to be bold and go for purple. Thanks to oVertone (which Kate reviewed and gave detailed usage instructions for here), I had some blue color-depositing conditioner sitting around itching to be used, and Kip had hair that needed a good old fashioned dye job. Continue reading PURPLE HAIR FOR DUDES (NO DYE REQUIRED)