My life needs some serious direction. To make this happen, I have decided to start blogging everyday Monday through Friday. So I don’t die from lack of inspiration I am going to copy Grace Helbig and give my life direction by giving a bit of a theme to every day of the week. So, without further adieu:

MONDAY MOVIE REVIEW: Movie reviews ya’ll. I am a film major after all, and though my Netflix queue does a decent job of helping me remember what I watch, I think it will serve me well to have all of these posts on a regular schedule. I probably watch at least one movie per week anyway.

TUESDAY RANT: Tuesday Rants are now going to be a thing. I have a lot of angst within me, about things like how The United States of Tara got cancelled after season three so I have to ration it on Netflix and how guys act like pigs during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and how the Kardashians are more famous than so many people I know with actual talent. So those things will come on Tuesdays because who likes Tuesdays anyway.

WEDNESDAY DATE: Wednesdays are now going to be Date Night Wednesdays. In which I interview someone cool or I have someone cool that I know write something here for a change. You get the chance to go on a mini date with someone that I think is pretty rad and interesting. Basically a lovely break from my irrational thinking and run on sentences.

THURSDAY VLOG: Thursdays are going to be “Day in the Life” posts. I’m trying to get into vlogging, so hopefully I will be able to take you around with me and then post a lovely video about it later. Either that or I will take some pictures or something! You will get to know all of the mundane little things that I do which won’t be exciting for anyone but me in 20 years.

FRIDAY FRAVRITS: Fridays get to be “Weekly Favorites” or just things I’ve been enjoying. Ear Candy posts are going to fall under this category I think.

Is this lame? Probably but I’m pretty OCD about all of those tabs at the top and it will be such a relief to be able to just sort them by day of the week hahah. Anyway, you’ll still be able to search by category (fashion, music, etc.) but this will just help me to keep up with everything and hopefully post better and not consequentially shorter content.


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