Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you something a little different. My lovely friend Anna works at a local Athens boutique called Community, which specializes in redesigned and sustainable fashion, and she sent over a preview of their newest collection!

I actually had the opportunity to see this collection’s premiere at the Athens Fashion Collective Spring Showcase earlier this month. I remember being absolutely enamored by the incredible photo-prints. You know how much I love prints on menswear. I was drooling.

sanni 1.jpg

The collection was designed by the shop’s founder, Sanni Baumgaärtner, and with a generous sponsorship from Spoonflower, a North Carolina based print company, and a collaboration with local photographer Ian McFarlane, Baumgärtner based her line on photo prints from the nature of the North Georgia Mountains.


“When I was hiking in the mountains last summer,” Baumgärtner says, “I saw all the beautiful lichen on the trees and could immediately imagine it looking amazing on clothing. It really ties together my love for this area, for the beauty of nature and for sustainable fashion. It’s like wearing nature, but modern and high tech at the same time. So this past winter, I approached photographer Ian McFarlane [to see] if he was interested in collaborating on this project. We drove up to the North Georgia Mountains one day, and he took the pictures of moss, tree bark and lichen, which were then printed on the fabric.”

sanni 2.jpg

I am in LOVE with this collection, and you can buy the pieces on the shop’s website, I love supporting local and sustainable businesses, so I jumped on the opportunity to share this with you all. You can actually order the original pieces in any size and they will be custom made for you! So amazing. I absolutely love the moss print skirt and the bark print t-shirt. So cool.

Check out the collection on their website, and follow them on Facebook to see updates about all of their cute events!

xo Miranda

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