I’m back with the crumbs of the week! If you missed the first post, read it here. A couple of awesome things are in the works for the blog, and I’m so excited! One of these things entails a new writer for the site (I’ll give you a hint, you’ve seen her before)! She’s awesome and you all will love her.


Let’s see, what else is new… ah. I have the travel bug right now. I’m DYING to get out of the country. I know I won’t be able to leave this summer but I’m making plans to go somewhere incredible. Actually, a couple of incredible places. The top of my list right now includes India, South Africa, and Cambodia. After meeting a few awesome folks from South Africa and reading all of Mia‘s blog posts about Cambodia and India, I’m ready to go. I’ve also been addicted to the INCREDIBLE blog of Matthew Kepnes: Nomadic Matt. I’ve spent a disgusting amount of time this week perusing his articles. Another travel blog that I’m loving is Robert Schrader’s: Leave Your Daily Hell. I’ve got travel fever, which you could probably tell if you follow me on Pinterest.


Also, I’ve been dying to take some more photos. I’m making a trip down to Atlanta this weekend so maybe I’ll get the chance to do so. Anyone in the mood for a photo session? Let me know. I miss using my camera. In other news, I made a travel notebook full of all of the places in the United States and abroad that I want to visit during my lifetime, and I’m currently planning a cross country US trip so I can cross some things off of the list. Might as well get as much as I can out of the US while I’m here. First on the US list: Nashville and Austin. Any suggestions as to where I should go?

xo Miranda

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