I have been lusting after the glitter and suede Miu Miu booties since the collection came out, as you saw if you read this post!

Anyway, I decided to try out making my own version since I never wore these boots as they were.

So here’s my version of the Miu Miu Fall Collection Glitter Boots!

I started with these Pink Suede ankle boot/moccasin things from le best place on earth (Target)

This is what you’ll need:

LEFT TO RIGHT:  Fabric glue, a light colored marker for drafting your line, a sharpie, some scrappy paintbrushes, and either silver or gold glitter! Also, a place to mix your glitter up!

Mix up about a tablespoon of glue with some glitter, the amount of glitter you use will determine the ‘opaqueness’ of your glitter.

I used a little less glitter than glue and then did two coats on my boots. Tape off the edge if your feeling patient, I just eye-balled it.

This is my boots after one coat of glitter. Let them dry for a few minutes in between coats! Once your satisfied with your glitter, take a black sharpie and outline your glittered area. This project would look really cool on the heels or backs of your boots as well!

And when you’re done, They should look like this:

Seal over your glitter with clear nail polish or Mod Podge so it doesn’t flake off and you’re done!


xoxo Miranda



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