Dragon Con never fails to amaze me. This is one of those places where you really do see all sorts of people. Every year, people dress up as their favorite movie character, tv character, video game or comic book character, or celebrity in the hopes of  taking pictures with other people, or just because it’s the one day where they can be someone else and everyone will accept them. This year, in the spirit of the games, I dressed up as Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games trilogy. I pretty much made every part of my costume which I was very proud of. Check out what I did below!

Here’s a picture of me in my costume before we left!


Me with Seneca Crane, Effie Trinket, and President Snow!





I ran into a few more tributes! And myself!




And me again with President Snow:


I bumped into my lovely friend Erin, along with Russell from UP!!



Oh, here’s my Mockingjay pin! I made it with model magic and some gold paint.



Not too shabby, eh?

Oh here are some pretty lightsabers and two awesome shirts that I bought!




How was your Labor Day weekend?

xox Miranda



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