It’s finally DECEMBER!!

You know what that means???

Endless rants about how much I love winter and the cold and Christmas and decorations and lights and being happy and snow and cozy clothes and fuzzy socks and hot chocolate and indulgence and ┬ábeautiful weather and beautiful people and everyone looking pretty all of the time and boots and chilly air and I think you get the idea I feel like I’m out of breath but I’m typing this is a weird feeling.

Soooo. The moral of that story is I made a good playlist for you even though I should be studying for finals no one benefits from this situation except maybe you.

Why can I only type in run on sentences right now I don’t even I just drank a whole iced coffee that’s totally it.

Enjoy! Happy Diciembre!

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Miranda Feneberger

Miranda Feneberger

In the middle of an existential crisis. If you have one of those super long phone chargers can you send it to me?