I’m a sucker for a good brush. It’s one of those things that I’ve loved since I started in with makeup years ago. My first memorable brush purchasing experience happened at IMATS in LA back in like 2013 or so. I walked past the gorgeous Crown Brush display and movie makeup goddess Ve Neill was there showing off her capsule collection. From that point forward I was hooked.

I found our about Morphe’s brushes through the makeup queen herself, Jaclyn Hill. They’re a high-quality, affordable line of GREAT brushes, so I thought I’d share my small (but growing) collection with you. Something that’s great as well is that Morphe brushes and cosmetics are cruelty free and they don’t do animal testing. They have a line of vegan synthetic bristle brushes as well if you don’t want animal hair.

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From top to bottom.

M432 Flat Liner Definer Brush; This brush is a great synthetic under eye smudge brush. It is flat and firm which allows for controlled placement of shadow and liner on the lower lash line and it has good smudge capabilities as well. It’s also great for brow bone highlight. It’s a nice and affordable $3.99 which is a dream.

M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease; This one is an exact dupe for the famous MAC 217 brush, and it is the PERFECT eyeshadow brush. It’s not the best for applying shimmer or glittery shades (wet or dry) because of the natural bristles, but it is an amazing blending brush for matte or satin finish shadows.

M501 Pro Pointed Blender; This is the best highlight brush of all time. When you need to get #lit with a good highlight, this brush is perfect. It’s fluffy and light, picks up a lot of product, and the natural bristles mean that the brush doesn’t trap a lot of the pigment and it transfers fairly smoothly. Love this.

M438 Pointed Contour; This is the only one I don’t absolutely love. For me, it’s incredibly stiff. I have a really hard time blending contour with this because the bristles don’t move at all for me. This one was one of Jaclyn’s favorites so I’m not sure if I got a bum one but I’m really not keen on this. I do use it occasionally to set my under eye area with powder, and when I do that I use the side of the brush more than the top.

M439 Deluxe Buffer; This one is my absolute favorite. It’s a dense, flat/dome-ish shaped brush with synthetic bristles. I use this to apply my bronzer and it is the perfect combination of stiff and blendy. The bristles are super densely packed, which allows for a super great coverage, and the brush does move around when you swirl, making blending a dream. This brush is a go-to for me and at $13.99 it’s an affordable dream.

If you’re thinking about Morphe brushes, I’d highly recommend you watch Jaclyn’s video. It’s super comprehensive and I bought many of these after watching that video. I ordered about three of the Pro Firm Blending Crease brushes because I hate washing brushes and they’re so cheap (lol I’m the worst). Love Morphe and will be trying out their shadows soon! A win in my books.

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