I’ve been kind of loving these little inspiration posts. I like being able to share the things I like with you guys, and I love reading about other people’s favorite things so I figured I might contribute to the community here. February is all about Valentine’s Day right?

Nope. Not about that. I mean I dig the romance and stuff, but when you’re single Valentine’s day is not particularly important. That’s why I made the theme of this month Exploration rather than Romance or Love. I was also trying to avoid the cliche but that’s beside the point.

For me February is all about trying new things. January is when we all make resolutions and promises to change who we are, get a new job, fix something, travel, or just enjoy life more. January is for dreamers and realists. The dreamers craft  their lofty goals, and the realists usually feel a sense of cynicism following the somewhat superficial optimism of the new year. For me, February then becomes all about keeping my resolutions. Doing new things, exploring who you are, and getting the year off to a good start beyond January 1st. That’s why our theme here is Exploration. One of my goals this year was to try new things, and not let fear stop me from, well, yolo-ing. Was that the correct use of that? I don’t know man. I’m taking a leap of faith here by even using the word yolo. I’m already off to a good start.

Alright so here’s some of the stuff I’ve been enjoying this year, and just some pretty stuff for your eyes and ears.

1) Phillip Phillips’ album The World from the Side of the Moon. 


Aside from the unfortunate name, Phillip Phillips is awesome. His music has a soulful, bluesy folk feel to it. It is not country. I repeat. Not country. Do not be afraid of this just because he won American Idol. He really is talented. You’ve probably heard his song, “Home” that’s been flooding the radio lately, but if not, here it is:

2) Learning to Love You More by Miranda July

We all know I’m a die hard Miranda July fan, I think. Her stuff is AMAZING. I got the rest of her books for Christmas this year (I already had No one belongs here more than you.) This is more of an art type of book. It’s based on a website project that July did with Harrell Fletcher, where they posted challenges and asked people to submit responses and photos.

photo 5photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

3) All of these random things that are nice to look at.

loveLove letters on the walls of Verona. via.










the whole universe is inside you. via.

Happy February!

xo Miranda

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