For any other poor unfortunate souls who are burdened with the thoughts of finals or midterms, please enjoy my lovely slew of ways to entertain yourselves. And by that I mean procrastinate until you just can’t procrastinate any longer.


Pandora is actually an amazing resource for finals week. Sometimes, music can be a very helpful study aide. I have been on a bit of a French kick this week, so I’ve been studying AP Statistics alongside Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf.

The Jacques Brel Pandora Station is AMAZING!



Do you have essays to write? Try

For every 100, 200, 500, or 1000 words you write, you will be rewarded with a new kitten picture. This is incredibly motivating. You’d be surprised.



This soundtrack is both soothing and epic. Again, a great studying aide. I listen to this while I write essays. Also, it’s great to listen to while doing mundane tasks. Such as flashcard making. Yuck.



Or Caribou Coffee if you’re weird. Coffee stimulates brain activity (So does Peppermint!), ┬áso if you find yourself falling asleep while studying, hop in the car and drive over to your nearest overpriced-but-delicious coffee joint. Your heart will thank you. (Unless you’re me, then your heart will explode.)

good luck this week!

xoxo Miranda

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