Winter time makes me feel cozy. The warm drinks and the fluffy, wooly, furry, knitted everything else makes me feel so happy. I am one of the few Georgians that absolutely loves wintertime, and I embrace the hell out of it. I picked out my favorite winter things below to give you a little taste of what my holiday season is like. Do you love winter as much as I do? I don’t know, there’s just something about it. As per usual, click on the things to see where they’re from if you’re curious!


Look how cozy all of these things look, I can’t handle it. How about that Wiz beanie too haha! I love all things yellow and burgundy in the winter.


I love that hoodie and I really wish it wasn’t $215 haha. Those raccoon slippers and the sleep mask though oh man.


The hug life sweatshirt though I can’t even hahaha. Someone get me that. Those things in the top left are arm warmers! Genius.  I wish it got colder here jeez.


I, like most normal and practical people, love wearing sweaters in the winter. They’re warm, comfy, and a lovely fashion statement if you choose the right ones. Also, this gingerbread spray smells EXACTLY like cookies and it’s incredible I’m going to buy a bunch of em on Black Friday to give as gifts.

I’ve finally gotten to break out the winter coat! As you can see I’m pretty excited about it.

Lastly, I made a little playlist of some quiet, cozy tunes to get you in the mood! Happy Winter!

xo Miranda

PS: What’s on your Christmas list? 😉

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