I think I’ve decided upon a new series for the blog. I have a lot of what some people would call “Guilty Pleasures”. I just see these things as things I like, but apparently it is no longer socially acceptable to be nineteen and like Disney movies from the 70s.

So, I’m dedicating a whole category of posts to things I love that other people might judge me for. This is for your benefit!!! I am opening your eyes to the wonderful world of hippie half-animated half-live action Disney movies (amongst other things)! What would you do without me, right?

Today I’m going to start you off with a movie that my family judges me for liking. It’s a 1971 Disney movie starring Angela Lansbury and David Tomlinson (he played the dad in Mary Poppins). It’s a weird one. It stars Angela Lansbury as the classy Eglantine Price, an apprentice witch learning her craft via a DIY book set, who assumes the role of caretaker for three children who have been evacuated from their homes during the London Blitz of 1940. Price finds out via mail that her lessons have been cancelled and in a fit of rage she and the kids track down the headmaster of the program, Tomlinson, and from there the adventure begins. The movie is done in half live action and half animation, a style previously used most notably in the film Mary Poppins, and it’s awesome. I really just like how the movie looks, and the songs and scenery are all great. There is, as an added bonus, quite a bit of a magic carpet feel to the transportation of choice in this movie, which is in fact a bed. It’s a classic in my book, though some people believe otherwise.

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Please watch this. It’s a kid’s movie but I still love it and you can too.

xo Miranda

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