As my padre would say, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” i.e. school is back in session. With classes come the responsibilities of any college student. We’re magically supposed to balance study time, working, interning, student organizations, leadership positions, 8 hours of sleep, and time for friends and family and workouts. If you’re anything like me, more often than not my 8 hours of rest is really more like 6 hours maybe 4 if I have a last minute paper due/test the next day (we’ve all been there). We won’t even address the working out situation (haha, what’s a gym?).

So, on the days when last night was just a little too long; how can you still look fab without all that stupid effort? Well, I’m gonna tell you.

Firstly, this needs to be said—never wear workout clothes anywhere but the gym. There is no place for them in the classroom, office, etc (you get the point). One of my fave lazy girl looks is a simple black maxi dress. The rest of the world thinks that a dress=effort. Use this to your advantage. Pair a black maxi dress with an oversized denim shirt, a cool necklace, a messy bun, and BAM! Faux-fab. You’re going to look chic and feel comfortable.

maxi dress

Get the look: forever21 maxi dress, oversized denim shirt, sandals, and necklace.

Okay, so maybe a dress isn’t your strongest suit (see what I did there, heh). No problémo.  Fall fashion is on your side. Wide legged palazzo pants are everything. Not into the wide leg? Cool. Rock some dressy sweats or track pants. You’re never going to have an excuse to wear yoga pants to class again. Isn’t it great!? These two alternatives to constrictive denim are typically made of loose, nonbinding fabric that will allow you comfort while simultaneously allowing you to kill it. Rock an old school tee with a bold lip, messy bun, and those bitchin’ palazzo pants or do a fitted tank/old school tee and blazer with those too-cool-for-school track pants.


Get the look: palazzo pants, vintage tee, purse, sandals, and necklace.

dressy sweats

Get the look: track pants, vintage tee, blazer, watch, oxfords, sunnies, and necklace.

I’m all about being comfortable but practical and stylish. Make these looks your own by fitting them to your personal aesthetic and brand. Punk it up or Boho it down. You do you. You’ve got the looks down but what about those bags under your eyes and lack luster complexion that only sleep depravity can give you? Check out Miranda’s post on how to fake it until you make it, because let’s be honest, you’re not going to sleep anytime soon.

Once the weather is a little more appropriate, keep an eye out for a post about how to dress your leggings up (it’s easier than you think). This girl loves some leggings.

Until next time!


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