It’s safe to say that the yoga craze is sweeping the nation. From the pop up of designer workout gear (yeah Lululemon I’m calling you out), to our generations’ love for all things hippie, yoga is everywhere. I had always assumed that all yoga was this nice, relaxing thing where you stretch and say “om” and connect with your soul, but boy was I wrong.

The great thing about living in Brooklyn is that there is a niche place for everything. Enter: Y7 Yoga Studio, which has a location Williamsburg as well as locations throughout Manhattan. I read about the studio on Into The Gloss and was promised an enlightening experience involving Drake. What I got was something insane.

First of all, I didn’t realize how tricky it is to get to Williamsburg from most parts of Brooklyn, so it was a pain and a half crossing through Manhattan to get there (which is my fault). I arrived at the studio with friends 5 minutes before class started, like a total rookie (they warned me to arrive 15 minutes early to “practice noble silence”). We stumbled into the room and of course, the only available mat was in the front (exactly where I didn’t want to be). The studio was warm and lit only by candles, a big sign reading #ATribeCalledSweat plastered on the wall. At this point, I’m thinking: I could get behind this.

For the next hour, I went through a straight up physical, emotional, and spiritual journey. The room was hot, and I was legitimately dripping sweat throughout the duration of the class. We started in a nice meditative state and worked into some “flows” that we repeated over and over. They were fast and physically brutal. About 15 minutes into the class I realized how out of shape I really was. The flows progressed and shifted as Ashanti blared through the speakers, and not gonna lie I had to leave the room for a few minutes because I was getting super nauseous.

We finished the class strong with some nice breathing and laying down on the mat (my favorite part) and then it was over. The hour honestly went by super fast. Reflecting back, I definitely BS-ed my way through a lot of the poses because my body seriously was not strong enough to deal, but I really loved the experience. The instructor, Erin, was great. First of all, her voice is super relaxing, but second of all, she didn’t call me out when my body couldn’t deal. She let me sit there in child’s pose to get my shit together when I started to die with zero judgement and only words of affirmation. She came over a few times to correct my basic poses, even though sometimes I was definitely not even on the same page as the rest of the class (Erin I love you, lol).

So, conclusions. I was not prepared in many ways. I definitely was not hydrated enough going in which was a contributing factor to the nausea, and I wasn’t ready for the physical workout that yoga embodies. I have so much more respect now for yogis and practicers, and I really do feel motivated to improve. I’ve already signed up for another class, one that is supposed to be a bit slower, which I think will be good for my beginner level. Yoga really is hard work, it is a practice after all, and I think I’m hooked.

Am I crazy? Have you ever tried hot Vinyasa?

xo Miranda

PS: I will return with updates from Class #2

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