I love reading posts about things people love, so I think I’m going to do my own version of this by doing some posts about people and things that I dig.

This post is about the British “indie-pop” band The XX.  These guys are phenomenal and I have recently fallen back in love with them thanks to their newest album, scheduled to be released on the 11th of this month (you can, however stream their entire new album, Coexist, over here).
Anyway, this band has made some incredible music. Their first album xx, was released in 2009, with wide critical acclaim from all areas of the music world. Coexist is their first release since the first album, not including two of the singles from the album which were released earlier this summer.

I can’t even begin to describe their music in words. It’s risky, ambient, passionate, mesmerizing, eerily beautiful. I don’t know. If you’ve not heard their first album, definitely listen to that (especially the tracks “Crystallized”, “Islands”, “Night Time”, and “Intro”).

Their new album is incredible as well. They have this ability to make me feel and think more clearly, while at the same time lull me into this serene sleepy mood. Everything about them is incredible, and if you like great music, indie pop, and great lyrics, check them out. Sometimes their music has a way of telling you just what you need to hear.

xo Miranda

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