So I’ve been trying to figure out what will make me write more consistently on this blog, and I was thinking about giving each day of the week a theme that I have to stick with and post just to make things a little bit more planned or something. I have a few ideas down there but if you have any feedback that would be super helpful!! I sort of started with the alliteration thing but I’m not feeling it. Let me know pleasee if you have any suggestions on how I should sort all of this out. I need your help! I want to know what you want me to write about!!

MONDAY: Music, Movie Reviews, 

TUESDAY: who even knows

WEDNESDAY: Weird, Writing,

THURSDAY: Miranda Hearts, Favorite Stuff, etc?

FRIDAY: Week in Review, Day in The Life,

Comment below with suggestions please!

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Miranda Feneberger

Miranda Feneberger

In the middle of an existential crisis. If you have one of those super long phone chargers can you send it to me?