I found the magic and beauty of BCP Jewelry after seeing her beautiful creations on some of my favorite YouTube gals (Mykie & Bunny). After a long stalking session, I followed her account and have been drooling over her gorgeous pieces ever since. She creates and designs beautiful jewelry using fossils, crystals, and metals. Her pieces are bold but gentle, feminine but strong. I absolutely adore her jewelry and her pieces range from the $20 range into the hundreds, so there’s something for everyone. I reached out to Barbara to talk about crystal magic, jewelry-making, and her experience using social media for her business.

Miranda Feneberger: Firstly, I absolutely love your creations. When did you start creating & designing jewelry?

Barbara C. Pellegrino: I started making jewelry when i was about 13 years old, always for fun or for friends. Didn’t get serious about it until 5 years ago, time goes so fast, feels like I did my first wire wrapped ring yesterday!

MF: What is the process you go through when designing new collections or pieces?

BCP: More often than not, a new design will hit my brain in the middle of the night. It will be midnight and I’ll start sketching something, I’ll see it in my mind and then I try to put it together.

MF: What drew you to start using crystals and fossils in your pieces?

BCP: I’ve always been attracted to crystals, I think because my mom uses them for her sculptures and she has been using them since I was a child, so I have always been around them. When it comes to fossils, to me, to make a necklace using one is a privilege. I’m holding something that lived thousands of years ago, that belonged to a giant shark, an ancient creature. I get to turn it into an amulet and when someone wears it, they are not only wearing a necklace, they are wearing a piece of history.

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MF: Talk to us about crystals – I know they hold a lot of energy & power. 

BCP: Crystals are amazing, I mean just look at them. They are a work of art created by mother nature, with all the energy from the Earth within them, that’s some power! Some of them take years and years to form, to me it’s just fascinating, and it’s all about energy. If you keep your own vibes positive then the vibes will flow and attract more positivity. Crystals have been used since ancient times because of their properties. People would carry them around for protection and luck. I always have some on me.

MF: That’s amazing. What’s the most magical moment you’ve ever experienced?

BCP: I can’t pick just one magical moment, because for me a magic moment is when I get an email or see an Instagram/Facebook post from a customer, saying that they love the piece of jewelry they bought from me and are showing it off. To me that’s Magic and is also very humbling. Sometimes it feels unreal to see someone all the way in Australia wearing one of my pieces – it’s a very special feeling.

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MF: What inspires you to create? Is there a specific mood, person or place?

BCP: Everything inspires me to create, my mind never stops. I mean once I looked at my dog’s ear and thought, that would be a great size for a crystal. My husband makes fun of me sometimes because he will catch me staring into nothing, just the wall, he laughs and asks me what am i up to. He knows right then and there that I’m creating a new piece in my head.

MF: How has social media affected your business?

BCP: Social media has been great to me, I mean it’s pretty amazing, people from all over the world can see what you are up to. It opens so many doors. I also have amazing followers, they often share their love for the jewelry by re-posting photos. Social media has also allowed me to work with amazing and fun people, it has made a lot of amazing collaborations happen.

MF: One of my favorite Instagram posts of yours shows you and your husband posing in some amazing shirts – yours reads “Strong Women Intimidate Boys… And Excite Men.” Do you consider yourself a feminist?

BCP: I don’t consider myself a feminist, I simply believe in equality. I’ve always been strong & independent because that’s the way my mother raised me. I believe we shouldn’t put ourselves down to please anyone. I also think that if a man gives up his seat on the bus for an elderly woman, a woman should do the same for an elderly man, or a guy carrying his kid. I believe in equality and respect.

MF: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

BCP: The best advice I ever gotten was to be myself, simple as that but also very complicated. It’s not easy to be ourselves sometimes, but when I stopped caring about what other people thought about me, I felt free & amazing things started to happen.

MF: Where do you see yourself in five years?

BCP:  I still want to be doing what I love, still creating jewelry. I hope to be surrounded by dogs. I loveeee dogs.

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