Do you ever find yourself waking in a dream? Exploring the things you shouldn’t, what’s in the darkness, the unknown? The things people don’t often like to think about; fears, the occult and things that go bump in the night… People fear what they don’t understand. Photographer Karl Dmitri Bishop shines some light on the subject…

I love getting the opportunity to chat with artists of all kinds, and Mr. Karl Dmitri Bishop is by far one of the coolest ones I’ve met. I’ve been stalking his Flickr account all week and it’s just this haven of beautiful texture and light and wonder. I picked his brain a little to uncover his deep dark secrets for you guys, and I really hope you enjoy hearing what he’s got to say!


High Voltage: So, where did you grow up?

Karl Dmitri Bishop: I grew up around the countryside of Cambridge, it’s a beautiful place with lot’s of history. There are many tales surrounding a local ley line, buried gods, the occult before Roman occupation and of hauntings in the old university college’s that date back to the 1500’s. 


HV: What made you want to get started as a photographer?

KB: I have always loved a good visual image, anything pleasing to the eye, from movies to album covers. It started in the distant mystic lands of the Tibetan Plateau actually!


HV: What’s your best photography-related piece of advice?

KB: Always take your camera out and about with you, I find I always miss good opportunities when I don’t have my camera! 

HV: Can you show us your favorite photo you’ve taken and explain why you love it?


KB: I think it would have to be the first three photos I took and published. It always reminds me that you don’t always have to do fancy things with your work, you can find the most simplistic beauty in nature.  

HV: Other than nature, who/what do you look to for inspiration?

KB: I like to read a lot, anything to do with occult history, myths and legends. Other artists, including musicians and film. I love Kate Bush, her lyrics always inspire me. Anything that’s a mystery or has a dark theme I guess, it’s far more interesting exploring the unknown than the facts. 


HV: Have any tips for an aspiring photographer?

KB: Keep taking photographs, be creative and try new things out. Get your friends involved and use locally what you have around you, go out into the woods and let the dreaming commence! 

HV: We love getting into our reader’s guilty pleasures, so can you share something you’re currently obsessed with?

KB: At the moment I’m falling in love with Tarkovsky, his films are beautifully shot and feed your imagination up with all sorts of exciting ideas! Also a local legend I heard about, Gogmagog: the buried gods. I’m also getting into film, keep a lookout for a music video for a new and upcoming band, Burning Condors. 


HV: We will! Okay last one: Tell us a funny story! 

KB: I was displaying some of my work up at a exhibit in a local landmark church. I was receiving such good positive feedback until the priest of the church arrived. He ripped down my work and branded me a Satanist! I was horrified! He told me I was officially banned from every church in the area! I guess it’s a good thing in a way, I mean all famous artists cause a little controversy don’t they?

HV: That’s insane! But it’s true, controversy is the heart of true art. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us Karl! 

FIND MORE OF KARL: website | flickrblog | facebook | tumblr

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