If you’re not on Vine, what are you even doing. We’re continuing our interview series with a sweet new profile on one of our favorite comedians, Kurtis Conner. He’s garnered massive attention from his hilarious vines, and is on his way to creating a comedic empire. We ask him his thoughts on comedy, the Internet, and most importantly – High School Musical 2.

Miranda Feneberger: Thanks so much again for chatting with us! Describe yourself in one meme.

Kurtis Conner: Caveman SpongeBob.

MF: How did you get into comedy?

KC: I was at a café that had an open mic advertised for the end of the month and my friend told me to do it and I figured it was something to do.

MF: What’s the comedy scene like in Toronto? 

KC: It’s great! If you’re really grinding, you could do up to the 3 or 4 shows a night so it’s great in that sense! It’s also very supportive, which is the most important thing.

MF: Did you have one specific vine that garnered a lot of attention or did your audience grow more gradually?

KC: The last year or so, I’ve been growing gradually but there was one vine including a cheesy joke about misogyny (massage a knee) that really took off and started everything.

MF: What are the best things about being well known on the Internet? What are the weirdest?

KC: I think the best things about being well known on the internet are meeting fellow creatives, being a role model for people, and having a supportive group of people who are always there for you. The weirdest thing that has happened to me because of this is fan fiction. I think there are only like 2 out there but still…very odd.

MF: What is your favorite show to binge watch or movie to watch over and over?

KC: I could watch The Office front to back over and over again forever.

MF: Performing online or performing live?

KC: Live!

MF: Who do you look up to in the social media space?

KC: I look up to people like Chris Melberger and Aaron Chewning a lot. They’re both able to be incredibly funny without resorting to offensive or lazy humour. And they work very hard at what they do, and I admire that a lot.

MF: Who do you look up to or love in the comedy space?

KC: Nick Thune has been the biggest inspiration for me. He changed the way I thought about comedy and has really shown me that there is your own way to structure a joke.

MF: What was the last song you listened to?

KC: For Free (feat. Drake) – DJ Khaled

MF: What do you want to be doing in a year?

KC: I want to be either touring or working on my own show. I’m trying to put both of these dreams of mine in motion but they both take a lot of work.

MF: Tell us one thing you want people to know about the social media world.

KC: Everyone is so incredibly nice, it’s crazy.

MF: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

KC: Wake up early. No matter what; wake up early.

MF: Lastly, what is the most important song in High School Musical 2?

KC: Oh gosh. I could do a whole interview about High School Musical 2. I think the most important song in High School Musical 2 is “Work This Out”. It really set the tone for what the audience is in store for; a bigger, and better High School Musical.

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Stay tuned for our High School Musical 2 analysis – coming soon. 

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