As I talked about a little on Facebook, I am introducing a new writer to the HVB world. Don’t freak out, she’s really cool. You will be glad to be rid of me occasionally. Anyway, ¬†she’s like one of the coolest bitches in this whole state so if you don’t like her you can get out of here right now. She’ll be contributing some awesome fashion posts to this blog since it’s severely lacking style. Anyway, I wanted you guys to get to know her a bit and welcome her to our little family! I’m so excited to finally be working with her!



Our new writer is Miss Kate Foster. She is ridiculously talented and pretty and I am so happy to have her here!

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photos via Kristyn Nucci


She’s always only partially visible in the photos we take together so we’ll have to take some selfies in the future. We’re both twins with the bangs now but you all will see that soon. I’m so excited to have her here so lets give her a big warm welcome!!

xo Miranda

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