Well, it was. Saturday July 7th was the one year anniversary of this blog! I think it’s come a long way.

Here’s a link to my first post ever!

The first post I ever wrote on this blog was a 5o things about me post, and looking back, I have changed quite a lot this year. I like writing posts like that so that I can look back and see how far I’ve come. It gives me a bit of a sense of accomplishment.

I think I’m just going to write and see where this goes.

Life is weird. I’ve learned a lot about people and friendship this year. The fact is, things never turn out the way you expect them to. ┬áSometimes things seem like they’re right within your reach and just as you stretch your hand out for a grab, the object disappears like in a 3D movie. Other times, you feel like you have nothing, and something shows up just in that perfect moment to fill your life right up again. I think the moments and the little things end up being what we remember most about growing up. Late nights at Starbucks and Sonic, day trips to Atlanta, Twilight Zone marathons, watching entire seasons of Weeds without once moving, driving with the windows down and our hands catching the wind, blasting silly music that doesn’t fit the moment at all, standing so close but just far enough to the people you love. These things are what I always seem to remember. Sure, big things happen, and those things ultimately shape us as people and make us who we are, but the little things are what matter, even if they aren’t always good.

We all have our share of bad moments I think and it always seems, at the time, that those moments are the big ones. Sometimes they are life altering, but usually they end up being little specks on our time lines, bugs on the windshield i think. I’ve always found music to be one thing that I can really connect to during bad times, and that remains true to this day. It’s so cliche but music really has the power to turn a bad day into a nice one.

One thing that I’ve learned this year that I wish I had known sooner was that sometimes, even if someone is being a total jerk and you wouldn’t put it past yourself to seriously injure them at any moment, inaction can be your greatest ally. I am terrible at following this rule, but there are so many times that I wish I had just done nothing rather than acting out in the heat of the moment. I hate saying “be the bigger person” because I feel like I’m being incredibly flippant, but honestly, if you just let things go and don’t waste your time being hurt and angry, you will have a much happier life.

The truth is, now is the time for us to make mistakes and be reckless and foolish. We shouldn’t let the fear of failure prevent us from doing what we think may be weird or stupid. Boldness is what makes the greatest of humans. Make your decisions like you would want to read them. No one wants to read a book about a girl whose little sister died in the Hunger Games. We want to read about a brave girl who volunteered to fight to the death so her sister wouldn’t have to. The point is, boring feels good and safe and comfortable, but if we don’t risk failure, we will never have the chance to succeed. And success isn’t even the goal. The goal is to do something rather than nothing.

I have no clue what this has to do with my “Blogaversary”, but this is just what I’m thinking about lately.


I’m really proud that I’ve stuck with this blog for a year. I’m terrible at commitment, and this insignificant little thing is my baby.

PS: Did you notice the color changes around here??

xoxo Miranda


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