So it’s finally the weekend and you’re ready to relax. Two hours go by and then you realize that you’re so used to the jam packed work day that you’re bored out of your mind.

The struggle is real for the 9 to 5ers. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good lazy day, but my attention span and love for doing things makes sitting in bed difficult. I am currently typing this from my bed, surrounded by magazines and notebooks and listening to the vinyl Psycho soundtrack I found in my mom’s hoard of records from her cool teen years. The stabbing scene music has come on about three times at this point and I’m starting to lose my mind a little.

What did I do today, let’s think. Hung out with some folks for a second and bought dollar sign earrings that I probably didn’t need. Couldn’t pass up the $2.99 price tag. When I saw those babies on clearance my mind conjured up outfits where my hair was up in a bun and I looked urban and chic and a lot like M.I.A. In reality we’ll see how close to that I actually come. I’ve been reading the Rookie Yearbook One today because I coughed up 30 bucks for it since I just got paid and was feeling a “yolo” moment (is that the correct use of yolo?). I just Amazon-ed that and now I’m regretting buying it for $30 at Barnes and Noble when I could have gotten it on Amazon for $19.78 ugh. LIFE IS HARD.

rook rookie

I just finished an article in National Geographic about how James Cameron dove in a submarine to the lowest point in the Mariana Trench just for fun. I don’t know why but I thought I’d just mention that. I also, while reading National Geographic, realized how much I love infographics. There are quite a few of those in that magazine and they just make everything more exciting. Makes me feel like I’m in the cool crew with Amita and Charlie from Numb3rs. (If you don’t think they’re the coolest ones on that show, you’re lying to yourself).


Reading this Rookie Yearbook (and the Rookie website for that matter) makes me feel very nostalgic for varsity letter jacket idealistic high school experiences. In reality, high school is not really as cool or beautiful as it looks in Freaks & Geeks or The Virgin Suicidesbut fantasies are often better than realities anyway am I right? I’m just all over that angsty rebellious teen thing. Like Daria or Aubrey Plaza or Lindsay Weir.


I’m not really sure what this post was all about but I was just feeling like talking for a change. I’ve been watching YouTube videos of Chris Brown dancing. That’s about all I’ve been doing with my life this weekend. Trying to relax but struggling with doing nothing.

Until next time?

xo Miranda

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