The lovely ladies at MK Universal were kind enough to send over two products from their line. They sent over the Acsen Oil Cut Cleanser and the Troipeel H+ Cushion. 

I was emailing back and forth with a lovely girl named Jenny, and she asked me a little bit about my skin, and asked me to send her some photos of my face in natural lighting. I told her that I had sensitive and dry skin, and she sent over the products she thought would suit me best!

The Acsen Oil Cut Cleanser is a cleansing gel. This line is for acne prone and sensitive skin (ac+sen).

The instructions I received from Jenny at MK Universal said to apply the product using dry hands to your face and massage in, then emulsify with water. I found that the product removed most of my face makeup but it definitely did not remove my eye makeup, and stung a little around the eye area. The product basically works like a cleansing oil, but is oil free. The product’s main ingredient is Papaya Extract. Read more about the product here.

My favorite product was the Troipeel H+ Cushion. This product is essentially a cushion foundation.





The product is awesome. It uses skin-healing ingredients and technology to keep the product fresh and heal your skin while you wear it. The color match was PERFECT for me, and I love the texture and wear of this product.


My full review can be viewed below! Please, if you speak or read Korean, let me know what shade I have! You can also read more about this product here.

Jenny sent me a few links for you guys to purchase these products but the products seem to be sold out. Jenny assured me that if you have any questions, you can message their Facebook page here! They’re happy to help with the purchasing process if you guys are interested. Both products are around the $40.o0 mark. Personally, I’d skip on the cleanser (my OSKIA one is just too holy grail), and grab the cushion. I love it.

Have you guys tried cushion foundations? What are your favorites?

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  • Dawn

    Hey Miranda, thanks for the video. I ordered this cushion and it should be here this week. Can’t wait!! 🙂 Btw, it only comes in one shade. I’m fair and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll work for me. Good luck with the move! 🙂