First of all, if you haven’t read High Voltage’s interview with Dylan Owen, pause your reading and check it out here. Dylan is an NYC-based rap artist whose music I’ve been following and loving for a few years now. I always thought that he seemed to fit in somewhere along the vein of Grieves and Sage Francis, but he’s since evolved into something very unique. He’s got this way with words that simultaneously can paint a picture of beauty, destruction, and nostalgia all at the same time. My first #DylanCatharsis was with the lyric “this one’s for my camp counselors who taught me how to properly tell ghost stories, because I feel like I’ve been talking about my ghosts a lot lately.” Like ya’ll, I don’t want to say this, but I can’t even.  Seriously though, his songs will make you feel happy and confident and independent, but sometimes you will indeed catch the feels.

I first introduced myself to Dylan (in true Miranda fashion) through an email, but we’ve been pals ever since. I’m a huge rap fan and Dylan’s music always impresses me, so I thought it only right to share his newest track with you all. This track really captures that feeling of needing someone just as much as they need you. I’ve always loved the way that he’s able to create a picture from a feeling.

“Sail Up The Sun” is a true story of friendship through hardship. In New York City, Dylan and a special friend lean on each other in moments of loneliness, grief, and ultimately, self-discovery. The piano-driven second single has been heavily awaited by Dylan’s 15,000+ Facebook fans, features accompanying vocals by Alaska Sun, and further reveals the sound of February 2015’s There’s More To Life. Listen below.

If you’ve not heard the first single from There’s More To Life, check out “Everything Gets Old” here-

And while you’re at it –

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