The holiday season is almost over, but you bet your bottom dollar I will be milking every last minute of it. I have been making daily vlogs over on my YouTube channel, which have been super Christmassy, but in addition I have been creating playlists like MAD. After spending four months in London last year, I’ve craved the feeling of walking down those foggy city streets, popping into coffee shops, and spending hours walking through the city’s rainy markets.

To take me back, I thought I would make a playlist of my favorite songs that give me yummy London-in-winter vibes.

One of my favorite British singer-songwriters is Lewis Watson. I could seriously just listen to his music on repeat for years – it captures emotion so well, and has that soft, comfortable feeling. Another shoutout goes to Dodie Clark, the woman behind dodie. She makes adorable music – one of my favorite songs of hers is “When,” a live track that captures the melancholy of wanting something you don’t have but feeling like you’re not living your life while you wait for it.

The playlist, of course, includes such staples as Sam Smith’s “Make It To Me” and Ed Sheeran’s “Afire Love.” I’ve also thrown in tracks by The Japanese House, an amazing band my sister turned me on to. They make super ambient music which reminds me of The 1975’s slower tracks. Years & Years, Coldplay, and Alex Turner await you on this, the most British playlist I’ve ever made.

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Miranda Feneberger

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