Fall is almost with us, and that means our wardrobes are a-changin’. In the past, we’ve done some serious womenswear coverage, but only a few articles for our male readers (which you can read here). Because dude style is just as awesome and important as womenswear, we caught up with blogger Sage Goldnik of Goldnique to get some advice about what men should be looking for when crafting their fall wardrobes. His style ranges from classic to casual to urban, so regardless of your personal style, his tips will help you come out refined and cool (if that’s what you’re going for, you do you man).

Hey Sage – we’re so excited to hear all of your advice. Your outfits are always bomb. What do you think is the main thing men should be thinking about when styling themselves?

The impression they want to make on other people. Honestly, who cares what you wear to sit at home and play Xbox?  But when you dress to go out and people see you, do you want them to think, “Damn, James Bond…” or “Damn Daniel…”?  Do you want someone to think you came from the trading desk on Wall Street or your bike repair shop in Brooklyn?  The skate park or the golf course?  There’s no getting around the fact that people judge you by the clothes you’re wearing, so make sure your clothes reflect how you want to be perceived.

Great point – you are what you wear. What are some of the things that you’re looking at when choosing an outfit for yourself?

The list is pretty long and complicated when I’m styling an outfit for a photo shoot.  I have to take into account how the colors will photograph, what details need to be included, what the overall image is I’m trying to portray. Proportion is really key for me since I tend to go with a lot of layers of varying lengths and volume. I find two-piece dressing (pants + shirt) to be fairly dull ever since I moved to Paris at 14 and saw how the French kids wore a lot more layers. So, I’m always paying attention to balancing the proportions of skinny jeans and oversized jackets, long t-shirts under short bombers, and wide-shouldered blazers over slim-fitting pants.  Scarves are great to work with, but they can go really wrong when the proportion is off.

What are your top five fall fashion tips for men?

White + Black

Pictured: Sage Goldnik (right) and Ian Elkins (left) | Photographer: Jeffrey Buoncristiano
There is an abundance of earth tones in store during the fall season, which is great if you have olive skin. If you have pale skin like I do, better to go with classic black and white for your essential pieces. If you’re spending a lot, invest in classic styles. For trendy items that you probably won’t wear next year, get adventurous with bold patterns, interesting shapes and unusual lengths you wouldn’t typically wear.

Bomber Jackets

Pictured: Sage Goldnik | Photographer: Owen Captures
These are key for moving your wardrobe into fall. I like them best when they are styled with a long t-shirt underneath and skinny jeans.  They can become a little dull if they’re monochrome cotton, so opt for a shinier material like nylon or satin, a pattern like camo or palm print, and details like big hardware, patches and interesting liner material/color.

Chelsea Boots

Pictured: Sage Goldnik | Photographer: Owen Captures

Everybody’s talking about Chelsea boots making a comeback for the fall, but they never went out of style for me. I love them with skinny jeans, either tucked in or rolled up to show a bit of ankle. Cognac, tan or black are the perfect fall colors.

Oversized Coat + Slim Fitting Outfit

Pictured: Sage Goldnik | Photographer: Owen Captures

The must-have piece for the Fall is an oversized coat with a loose, long fit.  Go big with the coat but not with the pieces underneath.  An oversized coat that is extra long is great way to update an outfit, but stay away from bulky layers or wide leg pants under it.

Layers + Layers + Layers

Pictured: Sage Goldnik

Fall is the perfect time to start playing with multiple layers.  Don’t just throw a jacket over what you wore this summer. Instead play with lengths and textures, like an extra long sweater with shorts or a biker jacket with long, slim layers. Capes are great too, and you can wear them as a statement scarf if they’re made from a thinner material.

These tips are awesome. I think one thing I’ve seen you do really well on your blog & Instagram is emphasize the importance of personal style, and not just copy-pasting what others are doing. Where do you usually shop for the interesting and unique pieces you wear?

Unlike a lot of bloggers and influencers who are pretty linear in their looks, my style is all over the board.  I’m straight up street style one day and classic dapper the next, so I don’t really have a favorite store for all my different looks.  When I’m in Paris, I always check out Zara, Colette and Ron Abraham.  When I’m in the States, I love FourTwoFour on Fairfax in LA and Barney’s in NYC. Mostly I’m finding that I “shop” Instagram more and more. Almost everything I’ve bought in the past year has been from a brand I saw on Instagram.

Instagram is definitely a great resource for menswear – even just for seeking out inspiration! What would your advice be to a guy who’s decided to upgrade his look?

Don’t go it alone.  Most guys tend to buy the same thing over and over again because five years ago, some girl told them they look good in green or straight leg jeans or muscle tees. Bring someone with you whose opinion you value when you go shopping, someone who has great style and who will tell it to you like it is. And be prepared to be completely uncomfortable with change.

Awesome, thanks so much Sage for sharing your wisdom! 

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