Here are some things I was loving this November!



1. The Hills. Sometimes a girl’s gotta indulge in some good old self-esteem boosting television. What’s better than watching people whose lives are worse than yours when you feel like crap! Nothing I say! Thanks LC.

2. Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter. She’s a YouTube beauty guru and she’s absolutely hilarious. She brings her British humor and general lovely disposition to all of her videos and she really is an inspiration. She’s adorable too! Check out her channel here.

3. Grace Helbig. If you don’t know who she is you’ve been living under a rock. Famous for her daily vlog, Daily Grace, this profane and hilarious alcoholic girl next door will probably make you pee in your pants. I’ve been close. Don’t watch her videos if you need to be quiet. You just cant help but crack up when she opens her mouth. Check out her channel here.

4. Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess. You may have heard me talk about them before, and there’s a link to their blog over in the sidebar, but they really are so cool. They run a lifestyle/fashion/food/diy blog and it’s really amazing. They have tutorials all the time as well as just fun and silly posts about their adventures. They’re adorable, and everyone they know is adorable. I love finding smart women on the internet. It’s exciting. Check out their blog in the link over there –>.

5. Snapchat. Snapchat is a smartphone app that allows you to send ugly selfies of yourself to your friends for a set amount of time. The photos are deleted immediately after the time runs up on the other person’s device so you don’t have to worry about them being released on the internet! Yay. Probs for sexting but my life isn’t that exciting so gross selfies it is.

6. Taylor Swift’s RED. I have never been a Taylor Swift fan. Like, never. But I don’t know, I love this album. I think it’s because it has less of a country feel. Give it a shot if you’ve never really been a T-Swift fan before because I think I’ve been converted. I still don’t like her old stuff that much but I dig RED a lot. I respect that she writes her own songs still. Also I think it’s really badass that when guys break her heart she writes songs about them that play 24/7 on their radios. Talk about revenge. That would be the best way to get back at someone: having them hear about how terrible they are on the radio every five minutes. Solid work Tay.

Have you guys been loving anything in particular this month?

xo Miranda

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