Wow. I haven’t seen something I’ve loved this much since, well, a long time. This is my kind of movie all the way.

I went into Beasts of the Southern Wild knowing nothing, and I’m coming out of it feeling enlightened. The film follows Hushpuppy, a young girl growing up with her father in The Bathtub, a fictional island off the coast of Louisiana. I don’t want to tell you too much going into it, but there’s this beautiful thread of magical realism running through the film, followed by this raw emotion that doesn’t really compare to anything else I’ve seen. There are subtle Katrina hints throughout, but Beasts to me is really one long journal entry. It’s the kind of film that gives you a beautiful slice of a life you may never know. The cinematography is absolutely stunning, and the soundtrack as well. Little Quvenzhane Wallis steals the show. Please watch this movie, it’s beautiful.

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