Have you ever seen a movie so ridiculous it made you want to just run in circles and jump around like a maniac? Welcome to Being John Malkovich, the story of a man who finds himself working in a 5 foot tall office only to discover a secret portal that puts you in John Malkovich’s head for 15 minutes. On top of this, there is a ridiculous gay/straight/John Malkovich love triangle thrown in. Also, Cameron Diaz plays a frazzled house wife with a pet chimpanzee.

This movie is beyond ridiculous, but it covers all of its bases pretty well. Every loose end is tied up, and all of the theories are relatively scientifically sound within the universe of the movie. This movie is some crazy shit.

Not for the faint of heart, but I do invite you to go on this ridiculously wild ride from the always crazy, Spike Jonze.

xox Miranda

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