I didn’t know much about Divergent before I went to see it. I’d read a little of the first book, but that was it. I actually really enjoyed this movie enough for me to want to see it a second time! The movie follows Beatrice, or Tris, as she goes through the process of choosing which faction she wants to be in for the rest of her life.


Factions in the Divergent world are like Harry Potter houses, except they are lifelong. When you reach a certain age, you have the opportunity to either stay in the faction that you were born into, or switch into another. The government gives you a test to see which faction you should join. Some people don’t fit into any faction, and they are called Divergents. And that’s where the story begins.

I really liked Shailene Woodley, who plays Beatrice! She was in The Spectacular Now last year and is set to play Hazel in the hyped up The Fault in Our Stars. She’s incredibly cool in real life, and she’s super strange. She practices something called re-wilding, and she eats and forages for mostly organic food by herself. Pretty cool, eh? The movie is really fun to watch, and I really liked all of the action. There are also some pretty awesome stunts in the movie that keep things exciting.

If you liked the Hunger Games or Harry Potter, I’d recommend Divergent! I really liked the movie, and the actors are all good too. However, the soundtrack is my favorite part. Featuring artists like Ellie Goulding, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, and M83, it’s almost as good as the Hunger Games soundtrack.┬áLet me know what you thought of the movie!

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