*disclaimer: profanity is coming*

This movie is fucking amazing.

The movie begins as the story of a depressed middle aged man, Frank. He goes to work, he goes home, all the while being disgusted by the ignorance and idiocy of the people that surround him. He decides one day, as he is about to commit suicide, that he wants to rid the world of annoying and rude people, his first victim being a spoiled teenage girl on a My Super Sweet Sixteen-esque reality show. After killing her, he acquires a partner in crime, Roxy, a brilliant and fierce teenager who is just as intolerant as Frank is to the idiots of America. Together, the mismatched pair targets the assholes of the world in this incredible and highly satirical film. Director Bobcat Goldthwait is a genius.

See it. It’s one of those that makes you think (and laugh at idiots).

The film is set to release in theaters Spring 2012, but you can watch it on OnDemand before it hits theaters!

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  • Stef

    I’m planning on seeing it soon, but from what I’ve read about it and heard about it, I understand there are a lot of political aspects to it. It would be interesting to know about that and your view of it through a political/social lens.

    • Yes, it’s incredibly politically motivated. The majority of the film I agree with politically. Watch it and we shall discuss!!