Wow it’s been a while since my last movie review post. This movie caught my attention enough for me to stop being a lazy bum and actually write about something. The movie stars Matt Damon, Stellan Skarsgard, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, and Minnie Driver (Damon and Affleck wrote the movie). It’s about a poor kid (Damon) from south Boston who winds up working as a janitor at MIT and is discovered to have a secret talent for math and learning. The professor who discovers him (Skarsgard) takes him in and decides he needs some counseling since he has quite the tarnished record, so he brings in his old colleague (Williams) to work with him.

The movie tells the incredible story of Damon’s character Will as he struggles to find himself and break down the tough exterior that he has been building up since he was just a kid. The movie has a bit of a Dead Poets Society aura to it, and it is certainly not a tearjerker/softie movie like it sounds. It’s got a pretty even split of hilarious, serious, gut-wrenching, and tragic moments as well. Overall, I freakin’ loved this movie, and I highly recommend it. I went into it knowing nothing about it, and I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner. I believe it won a few Oscars as well. So many good quotes in this movie, I just don’t know what to do with myself. Watch it.

xo Miranda

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