Guys I am on an Allen Ginsberg kick. This man was a freakin genius. If you don’t know who he is, Allen Ginsberg was one of the leaders of the Beat Generation of American poetry. His poem “Howl” was a reflection of his extreme distaste for the capitalist bullshit America was serving up at the time. He was openly gay during a time during which that was considered unacceptable, and he was basically the first to start the conversation of accepting homosexuality in America. He wrote about both homosexual and heterosexual sex in his poem, and this infuriated many conservatives of the time, leading up to the obscenity trial that brought him much of his fame.

That said, the movie basically is a portrait of Ginsberg’s life. After seeing the movie, I immediately went out and bought “Howl” and I have to say that Ginsberg is becoming one of my favorite author/poets of all time. The way he uses his words is just exhilarating.

photoGinsberg is played by the lovely James Franco, and the movie also features Jon Hamm (of Mad Men), Aaron Tveit (of Gossip Girl and Les Miserables), and Mary-Louise Parker (of Weeds).

This movie will make you love Allen Ginsberg. The movie is strung along by the famous 1955 reading of his poem, which is shown in both clips and really awesome looking animations inspired by Ginsberg’s own vision. This movie is great if you love poetry and literature, but even better if you don’t, because I think you will come out of this movie loving it. I’m sure poets and literary critics all have something negative to say about this but I just want to put it out there that I love this.

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