This was easily my favorite movie of the season. Inside Llewyn Davis, the newest Coen Brothers film, premiered recently and frankly I am PISSED that it didn’t get any good Oscar noms. Like come on people. This movie was so amazing.

The film stars Oscar Isaac (where’s Oscar’s Oscar), as young folk singer Llewyn Davis. The movie tracks a short period of his life and his interactions with a really interesting cast of characters. The movie also features Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, and Justin Timberlake, who are all phenomenal. The movie was nominated for Oscars in sound mixing and cinematography. On top of it’s awesomeness, it also has an incredible soundtrack of (mostly) original tracks sung by Isaac and a couple of other familiar voices like Marcus Mumford and Bob Dylan. The songs and performances are amazing; Isaac is so charming. I think this movie deserves so much more recognition than American Hustle, another period piece that was recently released (and overhyped imo). If you like folk music, or are at all interested in the history of American music, you’ll love this film. I was convinced that Llewyn Davis was (and had no idea that he wasn’t) a real person because the story was so believable and awesome.

The film is effortless and so unexpected. You never know what’s going to happen next but you find yourself completely enamored with the characters. It’s so good, guys. Please see this movie.

ild1 ild2 ild3 ild5 ild6 ild8 ild9Did you see this? What did you think?

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