I’m thinking I may do one too many Ryan Gosling movies on this blog, but then again can there really be such a thing? Lars and the Real Girl is about a sweet, young loner named Lars who kindles an adorable (?) romance with a sex doll. Now I know what you’re thinking, oh man a Ryan Gosling/doll sex scene, awesome! Sorry to disappoint, but the romance in this movie is purely adorable and charming (as much as it can be). I once took an acting class where we talked about the ability of a mask’s facial expression to change while someone’s wearing it and speaking. That is kind of similar in this movie. As we get to know the doll, Bianca, we kind of start to see her evolve as a character too. Is that weird?

Regardless, this movie is surprisingly good.  Emily Mortimer (who you may remember from Shutter Island or Hugo) and Paul Schneider play Lars’ brother and sister in law and they do an amazing job as well. It’s interesting to see how everyone else responds to him being in a relationship with a doll.

Overall, this movie surprised me and was way better than I was expecting. Highly recommend.

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