I’m a sucker for a good old Anton Yelchin movie ever since I finally saw Charlie Bartlett a few months ago. I saw this pop up on Netflix a few days ago and I absolutely loved it. It’s a classic indie love story, really, but I feel like it’s a lot more than that.

The movie centers around Jacob Helm, a nerdy guy, who falls in love with a really cool British exchange student with perfect hair. Basically from there on, the film is just a roller coaster of romantic trouble; Jennifer Lawrence even shows up for a while. The story is charming and very realistic. I really connected to the characters and found myself really rooting for their relationship to work. The emotion is real, the drama is real, and the acting is really very good. The way the film is shot makes it feel so personal, it feels like you’re right there with them. Five stars for Anton Yelchin’s curly hair.

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Miranda Feneberger

Miranda Feneberger

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